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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Bulgarian Orthodox Church Celebrates Centennial of St Aleksandr Nevksy Cathedral in Sofia and the Birthday of Patriarch Maksim


Bulgarian Orthodox believers assembled Sunday morning at the St Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia for a special Divine Liturgy commemorating the centenary of the cathedral’s construction. This marks the beginning of a three-day festival by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, celebrating not only the centenary, but also the 130th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the cathedral, and the 98th birthday of Patriarch Maksim Minkov.

Born 29 October 1914, Maksim was enthroned as head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in 1971; he’s the eldest head of an autocephalous Orthodox Church in history. Patriarch Maksim’s health has been unstable of late, he’s currently in hospital due to dizziness and instability; believers will pray for him Sunday and Monday.

The construction of St Aleksandr Nevsky Cathedral began in 1882; it’s one of Sofia’s most significant landmarks and the Bulgarian Patriarch’s Cathedral. It wasn’t complete until 1912; its formal dedication didn’t occur until 1924. Late Saturday, a copy of the miraculous Dostoino Yest (It Is Truly Meet) icon of the Mother of God from Mount Athos arrived at the cathedral for the festivities.

28 October 2012


Sofia News Agency




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