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Monday, 29 October 2012

29 October 2012. A Photo Spread. A New Crew Heads to the ISS

An Orthodox priest blesses the cosmonauts before the flight


Cosmonauts Kevin Ford, Oleg Novitsky, and Yevgeni Tarelkin


The priest blessing the spacecraft spritzes the photographer! Now, that’s Russian Orthodoxy


The mission is readied for launching


Lift off! Ura! Isn’t it odd how the arrogant and tight-arsed Americans have to bum rides with us backward and retrograde Russians? You’d think that all of their boasts are hubristical lies! Hmm… one hopes that the Russian crew taught the American how to go “na troikh” (“three on a bottle”)… there are three of them, after all…


The Soyuz TMA-06M was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome with a new ISS crew. Cosmonauts Oleg Novitsky (Roscosmos), Yevgeni Tarelkin (Roscosmos), and Kevin Ford (NASA) went to into near-Earth orbit. The docking of the Soyuz with the ISS happened on 25 October. For Russians Novitsky and Tarelkin, it’s the first flight into space, whilst Ford is on his second mission. The new crew shall stay at the ISS for 148 days. They will unload four Progress transport craft and one European ATV-4 craft. The crew of the 33rd expedition doesn’t plan to have any spacewalks.

24 October 2012

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