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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Israel Downgrades Iranian Nuclear Threat


On Wednesday, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph that Tehran put its nuclear arms plans on hold. He based his conclusion on reports that Iran reoriented about one-third of its 20 percent-enriched uranium towards civilian uses. By downgrading the Iranian military threat, Israel actually acknowledged what Tehran stated repeatedly, namely, that it enriches uranium to a 20 percent level for medical purposes.

In Barak’s opinion, Iran was forced to reverse its plans, fearing that Israel and the USA might launch a military operation that would completely dash its hopes of ever making a nuclear bomb. Ehud Barak advocates preventive strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, a view shared by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but opposed by Washington. Differences between the two allies sharpened to such an extent that US President Barack Obama didn’t find time to receive the Israeli premier in the White House during his visit to the UN General Assembly.

Sergei Demidenko of the Institute for Strategic Assessments and Analysis in Moscow, said, “The latter circumstance could’ve prompted the Israeli leadership to soften its stance. This explains Mr Barak’s statement. The USA has no intension of bombing Iran. It burnt itself on Iraq. However, Iran is not Iraq. Quite evidently, Israel won’t use force against Iran unless the USA supports it. Nevertheless, bombing the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981, using just one fighter squadron is one thing, whilst attempting to suppress powerful infrastructure well-protected from the air and from the ground, and to suppress Iran’s retaliatory capabilities, is quite a different thing. It’s a big and complicated operation that Israel’s hardly able to launch on its own”.

In the same interview, Barak said, however, that Iran is 8-10 months from making a nuclear bomb. Commenting on the latter statement, Russian analyst Sergei Druzhilovsky said, “Fuelling the myth about the Iranian threat is in Israel’s interests. Firstly, it wants to divert attention from its own nuclear programme… a well-known trick, a thief shouts, ‘Catch the thief’. Secondly, passions over Iran will help it to forge an anti-Iranian coalition in the West. Iran is an orthodox Muslim country where one can always find something one doesn’t like”.

Recently, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed Moscow’s position on the issue. He said that there’s no evidence whatsoever of Iran developing nuclear weapons. There are questions pertaining to its past nuclear activity and they must clarify them in close cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

31 October 2012

Konstantin Garibov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Here’s another sign that Romney’s ship is sinking fast and irretrievably. Even the Likudniks are retreating from a confrontation with Iran. Willy’s out on a limb, all alone. He’ll get support from his gibbering ignorant Evangelical/Mormon base, but few others. His defeat may galvanise the Republican Party to repudiate its present slavery to Radical Evangelical interests. If they don’t, they’re doomed to be a perpetual minority in most of the country outside of the holier-than-thou South.



Greek Labour Unions to Call General Strike

A destitute old-age pensioner begging in Athens… this is what the Greek rightwing and Willard Romney want… any questions?


Greece‘s two biggest labour unions called a 48-hour strike for 6-7 November to protest the latest wave of austerity measures demanded by foreign lenders set to be voted in parliament next week. On Wednesday, Ilias Iliopoulos, general secretary of public sector union ADEDY said, “We’ll strike to stop the measures from being voted in parliament. We won’t allow the government to hurt Greek people anymore”. Private sector union GSEE, the country’s largest representing about 2 million workers, is also joining the walkout. The government plans to submit for parliamentary approval a 14 billion Euro (570 billion Roubles. 18.2 billion USD. 11.25 billion UK Pounds) package of austerity measures to include, amongst other things, wage and pension cuts.

1 November 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Observe well how the rightwing Greek government is demanding that working people pay the entire brunt of the crisis. The Affluent Effluent benefitted from the loans, they continue to party on unabated, but the ordinary Greeks have to suffer so that the One Percent can skate on by without a care. Americans should take note of this… its Willy’s policy. “Soak the ordinary folks so that the Affluent Effluent can continue to live high”… that’s the unashamed mantra of the Republican Party. It’s no wonder that they’re headed for a train wreck, isn’t it?

Ponder this… the “Evangelicals”, “Pentecostalists”, and Mormons all approve of such evil. It says much about their “religion”, doesn’t it?


Gallup Poll Sez Obama Likely to Win another Presidential Term


 With the US presidential election just five days away, a survey from the Gallup Organization shows that President Barack Obama is likely to win a second presidential term. the survey said, “A majority of Americans continue to believe that Democratic President Barack Obama will win re-election Tuesday over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, by 54 percent to 34 percent”, adding that 11 percent of those polled had no opinion on the issue.

The poll was conducted on 27-28 October before Hurricane Sandy swept the US East Coast, leaving at least 50 dead and causing damage worth some 20 billion USD. Obama cancelled campaign events scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, focusing instead on relief measures before the hurricane, whose path ran though several tightly contested election swing states, including North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. According to political experts, the move is likely to win additional votes for Obama on Election Day. The 27-28 October Gallup tracking survey was based on telephone interviews with a random sample of 1,063 adults aged 18 and older in all 50 American states.

1 November 2012



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