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Friday, 2 November 2012

Mormons Latest Target in Kremlin’s Anti-Spy Campaign


On Thursday, the ruling United Russia party’s youth wing staged a protest against Mormon missionaries, accusing them of being American spies and calling for them to leave Russia. Activists from the Young Guard gathered outside the Church (sic) of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Russian headquarters in Moscow, chanting slogans such as “No to foreign agents!” and hoisting placards reading “Foo, CIA!” They also left a symbolic plane ticket, emblazoned with the CIA logo, for a one-way flight from Moscow to Washington outside the headquarters. Yekaterina Stenyakina, co-chairman of Young Guard’s coordinating committee, said, “This is an American sect. They’re funded by the USA, and it’s proven that many young Mormons return to the USA to work for the CIA and FBI”.

The move is the latest in a series of Kremlin-driven offensives in recent months directed against alleged foreign influence in domestic affairs. Since President Vladimir Putin’s re-election to the presidency last March, the RF Federal Assembly (parliament) passed a variety of laws restricting foreign and Russian pro-democracy and human rights organisations. Just yesterday, the RF Federation Council, the Federal Assembly’s upper house, approved a bill that broadens the definition of treason that could include NGOs that provide consulting services for foreign governments or organisations. Last month, the Kremlin ordered the US Agency for International Development to cease all operations in the country. The organisation had funded many Russian NGOs for about 20 years.

Stenyakina issued a stern warning to Russian youth, who she claimed are easily wooed by free English lessons and community service provided by Mormon missionaries, saying, “It starts with free English lessons, which then leads to becoming a missionary oneself”, adding that the alleged 14 billion USD (442 billion Roubles. 11 billion Euros. 8.8 billion UK Pounds)in humanitarian assistance in Russia provided by the church has gone “unnoticed”. Experts said the Russian authorities have long worried about LDS influence in Russia. In 2008, the LDS was forced to re-route its Russia-bound missionaries after the Kremlin introduced new visa restrictions for humanitarian workers.

Religious expert Ivar Maksutov, a researcher at the Russian State University for the Humanities, told RIA-Novosti recently, “Because [Mormons] are involved in humanitarian activity, such as feeding the homeless or handing out literature, this is perceived as some form of bribery”. LDS officials denied the protesters’ claims. Yelena Nechiporova, director for the LDS East Europe area’s Public Affairs Department, said the foreign agent allegations are baseless, noting, “It’s somebody’s opinion without any facts, without any legal investigation, without court decisions. Preaching the gospel (sic) is our main goal”. She also refuted Young Guard’s claim of the alleged LDS 14 billion USD assistance package in Russia, saying that LDS groups have spent only about 5 million USD (158 million Roubles. 4 million Euros. 3.2 million UK Pounds) in humanitarian assistance in the country.

1 November 2012



Editor’s Note:

The Mormons are known liars. They’re purveyors of a warmed-over semi-Masonic pap that’s no more religious than a Playboy magazine. Since the time of Brigham Young, they’ve been advocates of theocracy, and that’s all that there’s to say on the matter. Some konvertsy flirt with them… that’s dangerous. The Mormons are cultists… full stop. They’ve no grounding in historical Christianity… they only date back to the 19th century Second Great Awakening… just another pixillated radical sect (they block out all parts of reality that conflict with their cultic construct). You associate with such at your own peril. ‘Nuff said…

By the way, I think that there’s a “garble” in the post. I think that the Young Guard activists meant 14 billion Roubles, not dollars… that’s 445 million USD (350 million Euros. 280 million UK Pounds), a not infeasible figure for 20 years, if one counts missionary support, subsidies to local outlets, etc. The LDS cult does have access to such amounts of money (Willard Romney gives them millions every year… this cult gets most of his so-called “charitable contributions)… it socks its “faithful” for 10 percent of their salaries, and if they don’t pony up, they don’t get a temple “recommend”… which has led many people to miss out on their kids’ weddings. Nice bunch…



2 November 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. The First Hydrogen Bomb


60 years ago, on 1 November 1952, the first thermonuclear device test took place on Eniwetok Atoll, which led to the birth of the hydrogen bomb. This experimental device was housed in a building the size of a three-storey house; it destroyed the islet of Elugelab, leaving a crater 2 kilometres (1.25 miles) wide and 52 metres (170 feet) deep. The H-bomb is a nuclear weapon whose destructive force derives from the energy of nuclear fusion of light elements into heavier ones, which releases an enormous amount of energy. A thermonuclear weapon has much more power than that of a fission-based atomic bomb. Despite the fact that the USA tested the first experimental thermonuclear device, Soviet scientists also developed this type of bomb. The Soviet response to the November 1952 test was the explosion of a 50-megaton weapon in October 1961. The bomb detonated at an altitude of 4,000 metres (13,124 feet) above ground level over the Arctic Ocean island of Novaya Zemlya… the shock wave of the explosion circled the globe three times. However, despite the success of the test, the powerful “Tsar Bomba” didn’t enter service with the Soviet forces.

1 November 2012



2 November 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. GULag History and Facts


Annually, on 30 October, Russia remembers its victims of political repression. The date commemorates a hunger strike by GULag inmates that began on 30 October 1974 in Mordovia. Political prisoners protested against barbaric and inhuman treatment of those sent to prisons and labour camps. The first celebration of the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression was in 1991. Officially, the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR established this holiday on 18 October 1991 by passing the law “On establishing the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Political Repression”. Every year since 2007, on the eve of the holiday, activists of “Memorial” carry out an action, “Restoration of their Names”, at the Solovetsky Stone. Rally participants read out, one by one, the names of people executed in 1937-38. At the first action, which lasted ten hours, 213 people read out 3,226 names.

30 October 2012



2 November 2012. Blunder Visits SVS and GOAA… People Wonder Why Fathausen Does What He Does… We shouldn’t make Martyrs out of the Monomuckos Twits

The original low-res image on patriarchia.ru… the Blunder didn’t rate a “photo album” again. Poor baby…


Click here and here for the patriarchia.ru take on the Blunder’s peregrinations in the USA (again, these are from the Blunder’s Little Shop of Horrors, not the main MP media service). Demetrios Traketellis and the Blunder discussed the OCA… without any OCA clergy being present. There’s no report out on what they discussed, so speculation on it is bootless and futile. Nonetheless, it doesn’t bode well for the Syossset set. Later, the Blunder met with SVS Pooh-Bahs in a hotel in the City. Again, a whole lot of nothing was said, and nothing substantial came of it. When the Blunder emplaned for Moscow, no OCA clergy accompanied him to the airport, only Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov and MP clergy. Again, it doesn’t bode well for the Syosset set (Lyonyo should have seen him off at the airport, but he’s too busy dealing with the fast-deteriorating situation with the Parma Sobor).

A Cabinet member asked:

Why does JP keep shooting himself in the foot?

A voice from the grapevine replied:

You don’t know? Well, neither do we. Their take seems to be, “[Rymer] wasn’t convicted of a crime, and that makes him a victim”.

I think that the grapevine has it right. No one knows why Fathausen keeps associating with dubious sorts. Let’s see… there was Podmoshensky… then, there was the HOOMies… the stories about Dimitri Royster won’t die (why did he build his cathedral in the gay side of town?)… then, we have this guy Rymer who had a sealed judgement against him. If this were the GOAA, there’d be no shilly-shallying. Rymer would get the boot, permanently, with no chance of getting back in. Hey, look at how the GOAA dealt with that perv in Ohio… there was no hesitation… he got the chop, and he got it right smartly, within the week. If Rymer has a judgement against him, he should go, and that’s that.

Another Cabinet member is of the opinion that the hierarchy shouldn’t suppress Monomuckos. “That would make them martyrs”. Indeed, counter these bastards with the truth… but don’t give them the satisfaction of a martyric end. They’re going to leave us… probably, sooner than later. Let them go. The only thing that we should say is, “Don’t let the door hit you in the arse as you go”.

Lots of interesting stuff in the agora, as per usual. Keep an open mind, open eyes, and open ears… and do bite any coin offered you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 2 November 2012

Albany NY


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