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Sunday, 11 November 2012

11 November 2012. If You Want More of These Legal Shenanigans… Vote for Tikhon Mollard at the Sobor… ‘Nuff Said


OCA Synod Issues Statement on Negotiations

Motivated solely by a prayerful desire to achieve an appropriate resolution of matters of care and mutual concern both to the Orthodox Church in America and to His Eminence, Metropolitan Jonah, the Church and His Eminence continue at this moment in ongoing discussions that are intended to achieve a mutual agreement and understanding that will be a Christian resolution acceptable to both.

Metropolitan Jonah and his legal representative, together with the appointed representatives of the Church, have mutually agreed to maintain these discussions in confidence until a point in time when they can be made public to the satisfaction of the Orthodox Church in America and His Eminence, Jonah.



A Cabinet member said the following about this oca.org post:

JP has a legal representative? What the hell has this come to?

Indeed. Fathausen is threatening the OCA Holy Synod with legal action if he doesn’t get his juvenile and grasping way. This is why you should vote for Mel Pleska and not for Tikhon Mollard. Fathausen helped Ray Velencia tack Mike Regan up on the cross for everyone to see. Note well that the OCA Holy Synod won’t help Fr Mike. That means that Lyonyo & Co support Sir Ray and JP in this evil contravention of the Holy Canons. You could be next…

If you want a real Church, vote against Tikhon Mollard. Mel Pleska’s the only real alternative… the Centre thinks so, too…

Do you want a Church for our kids? You know what to do…




Russia Will Send Humanitarian Aid to New York in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy


On Monday, 12 November, the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MChS) plans to send two planes with humanitarian aid to Hurricane Sandy-hit New York City. Two Ilyushin-76 cargo planes will deliver over 50 tons of humanitarian aid; they’re due to take off from Ramenskoye Airport south-east of Moscow. The aircraft are part of the MChS division that responds to international and national disasters.

Con Ed reported that it’s restored 98 percent of electric service in the New York metro area to those neighbourhoods that lost power due to hurricane Sandy. At present, 20,000 people are still without electricity. In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, more than a million people in the city had no electricity. In New Jersey, where the elements left 2.7 million customers without electricity, efforts are still underway to restore power. Currently, 100,000 are still without power.

The New York Times reported that about 900 New Yorkers who lost their houses due to Hurricane Sandy would have temporary housing on the premises of the former Arthur Kill Correctional Facility in Staten Island, closed by New York State in 2011. Meanwhile, about 40,000 NYC residents are still unable to go home or lost their houses. Hurricane Sandy struck the American east coast at the end of October, killing more than 100 people and inflicting billions of dollars in damages.

11 November 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


11 November 2012. Veterans’ Day… Вечная память!


Eternal Memory to all those who paid the cost in full… there’s nothing else that we can, should, or need say. It’s why we should NEVER go to war lightly. Don’t forget those who fell, and don’t forget their families…

Вечная память



11 November 2012. Gad Sir, It Ain’t Orthodox! Where do the Konvertsy Get Such Goofball Ideas?


The crazies are crawling out of the woodwork. Of course, they’re morally superior to us… we’re all gossips and we all refuse to recognise what great moral paragons Fathausen, Dahulich, Peterson, and Moriak are. Only a crackbrained child still shitting in their nappies could believe such arrant falsehood. One of the Cabinet just sent me a self-righteous screed by one Jonathan Meyers (smells like one of the ignorant Anglo konvertsy to me). We’re all persecuting Moriak, yadda, yadda, yadda. That’s utter and complete horse hockey from start to finish. He attacks others for gossip and name-calling, yet that’s all that this Meyers jabronie does in re his opponents. Let’s take the Sergeant Friday attitude, “Just the facts, ma’am”. Moriak’s first action was to feather his son’s nest. That is, he’s an unrepentant practitioner of nepotism. If such was his first action, he was telling the world, “I favour my family and friends, and to hell with the rest of you”.

Secondly, he persecuted Mark Stokoe. Whether Moriak likes it or not, or whether his konvertsy claque likes it or not, the Church has a nuanced attitude to homosexuality. When asked, HH said, “We respect all human decisions, including those regarding sexual orientation”. He went on to say that the Church reserves the right to label this or that “sinful”, but one must bear in mind that such actions are synodical in the Real Church. Individual bishops or priests can’t go against the consensus practise of the Church. Let’s look at the Mother Church (for its practise is better than the OCA’s… it’s not as often in the courts as Syosset is). The Centre is mostly concerned about homosexual propaganda and gay parades. The Centre does NOT excommunicate homosexuals. The konvertsy blather about that is wrong and comes from crook heterodox sources.

If you need to know how the Church acts in re a clerical homosexual, you need only look at the case of Nikon Mironov. He’s received high Church decorations from both Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger and Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev after his removal as bishop (that is, they both knew of his orientation). The Holy Synod removed him as a ruling bishop, but they didn’t defrock him… they allow him to be the honorary rector of a parish in the Moscow Oblast. That’s what the Centre does in re clerical homosexuals. It treats them on a case-by-case basis. As far as lay homosexuals are concerned, as long as they don’t raise a rumpus at liturgy or make the Church look stupid, everything’s copasetic. Hell, that’s how the old Metropolia treated homosexuality. Everyone knew who they were, and the priests and bishops all showed oikonomia towards them. That included Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich, a far saintlier man than this prelest-ridden Jonathan Meyers.

Thirdly, Moriak (along with Dahulich) is a notorious and obsequious lickspittle towards Fathausen. Everyone knows of Fathausen’s long dalliance with the deposed sodomite Podmoshensky… it was rather public. Everyone knows of Fathausen’s close association with the questionable HOOMies. Everyone knows of his ties to Peterson, Izzy Brittain, Bobby K, Nikolai Soraich, and Love BT. Everyone knows of his espousal of the Imiaslavie heresy (the late Fr “So Phony” Sakharov was the main proponent of that). In short, Fathausen’s no prize, and Dahulich and Moriak are both ambitious careerists who jumped from the ACROD to the OCA to feather their own nests. One commenter noted that Nicholas Smisko was glad to see these jabronies’ backs… one wonders what Vladyki Nicholas (a truly saintly man who knew when to have a brew or two… he wasn’t a pastor on the Lower East Side for nothing) knew what we didn’t.

In short, the konvertsy are scared that their fair-haired boy is heading for the scaffold. He is… for good and sufficient reason. If you don’t like the Real Church… leave it. It’s time to clean house. Fathausen, Moriak, and Peterson all deserve deposition… Peterson for his DUI arrest and allowing the suspended clergyman Izzy Brittain to serve, Moriak for nepotism and sexual abuse, and Fathausen for allowing Ray Velencia to sue Mike Regan without going through a Church trial first.

I’d say to the voters of the Midwest Assembly:

Remember Mike Regan! Fathausen did nothing to help this poor priest. Moriak did nothing to help Mike Regan, either… except to back up Fathausen and kick Fr Mike when he was down. That means that he’d do the same to you, at any time. He’s a treacherous weasel, as are his supporters. They want a public witch hunt and they want an auto-da-fé in the public square of all those that they dislike. That’s not the Orthodox way. That’s not the Metropolia way. That’s not the way that they do things at the Centre.

Gad sir, it ain’t Orthodox!

It’s time to take back the Church from these self-centred kooks. It’s time to unite Russian Orthodoxy here in the diaspora. It’s time to return to the good and modest ways of the Metropolia. It won’t be easy, it won’t be painless, and it won’t happen overnight. We’ve got WORK to do, kids.

God wills it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 11 November 2012

Albany NY 

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