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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

13 November 2012. First Reactions from the Cabinet on Lyonyo’s Coronation of Mollard


Here’s some reactions from the grapevine:

Yup, another “former” Episcopalian… now “Orthodox“. Today, “OCA” means “Eastern Rite Episcopalians”.

Tikhon’s a decent guy, but a BISHOP? and, now, Metropolitan? It’s finished.

My reply to the second grape was:

It’s like the scene in the movie Patton, where you hear, “Das ende, das ende, er ist das ende” as the German staff officers burn their papers as the Red Army approaches. You’re right… it’s over… but it’ll be slow and messy.

I’ve heard no joy from real Orthodox over Mollard’s “election”. He’s only got support from Lyonyo, Peterson, Jillions, and Bobby; he’ll have to be their puppet or else. He’ll dance to their tune… he likes his Cadillac Escalade too much… all they’ll have to do is to threaten to cut off his gravy train. As I said, Mollard’s a “nice guy”… and all too many will forget that “good” and “nice” are NOT synonyms.



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