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Friday, 16 November 2012

16 November 2012. SOBs Repelled by Maymon… Meeting to Name Administrator Soon


The Synod‘s balked at naming Maymon. They’re backing away from him and they’ll name someone else as administrator. I don’t know who, but they’re meeting soon with Mollard to decide that. Interesting… it means that Mollard’s gotten NO honeymoon. I would’ve thought otherwise. That means that the SOBs really didn’t want Mollard, but that they voted for him because they didn’t want either Dahulich or Mel (and they chose not to go against the top vote-getter… that means that they can blame the Sobor delegates when things go south). This means that Mollard has support only from the Syosset/SVS crowd, and that the SOBs are, at best, ambivalent about him. After all, Mollard was Herman‘s little pet, pushed forward by his patron, wasn’t he?

By the way, here’s a little gem to ponder… the Valley and the Pittsburgh area went for Obama… and ethnic Orthodox votes were no small part of it. That means that Fathausen’s attempt to ally the Church with Hard Right elements was a crock. Also, the Valley has the highest percentage of non-Hispanic whites of any MSA in the USA… that means that most Russian Orthodox voters stayed true to their Democratic roots.

Paffhausen’s sister Laura is ill per a post on the Orthodox Forum. I’ll say this, the deacon who posted it is all wet about HH. HH isn’t all that well-aware of OCA affairs; I have it on informed sources that he has more important fish to fry (trust me, the OCA’s a minor backwater with too many caterwauling konvertsy for him to take seriously). To think that JP’s claque is using his sister’s illness to buck up their boy… that’s unforgivable. To pray for his sister is Christian; we should all do it. To kick JP’s gnarly arse out of the episcopate is equally Christian; we should do that, too (his coddling of Ray Velencia and his lawsuits is really too much). Don’t forget… JP’s father was a real estate developer… that means that he’s NOT supporting his parents, and that bleats to that effect from JP’s claque are arrant BS. Pray for his sister Laura and pray that God removes JP from the episcopate, both are your Christian duty.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back… На страже мира



16 November 2012. Blunder’s Letter to Mollard NOT Directly from the Patriarch… NOT on Patriarchia.ru


I just checked patriarchia.ru… there’s NOTHING on it about the supposed letter from HH to Mollard. That means that this letter is nothing but boilerplate presented to His Nibs for signature. It means that it’s inhouse Bolshaya Ordynka dezinformatsiya. What I heard is that HH doesn’t give a fig who runs the OCA… he’s written it off. When it does appear… watch for it to pop up tomorrow (it’s already 23.56 MSK, kids)… it’ll have the tagline “DECR Commuications Service”… that is, utter BS from the Blunder and his greasy set of eunuchs. Never forget, he’s not a real bishop, he’s only a “Patriarchal Vicar”, he has only ONE PARISH under his authority… unlike other Synod members, who ARE real ruling bishops.

By the way, HH was busy today with the 20th anniversary of PSTGU… rather more important than a Episkie retread becoming “Metropolitan of all America and Canada”… that title, I don’t know whether it makes me want to hurl or to laugh…


USA Awaits Possible Russian Retaliation for Magnitsky Act


The White House was less than enthusiastic about proposed legislation in the US Congress linking normalised trade relations with Russia to the so-called “Magnitsky Act,” a bill aimed at punishing Russian officials suspected of corruption. However, with the US House of Representatives expected to pass the combined bill on Friday… and the US Senate likely to give its stamp of approval after that… most anticipate that President Barack Obama will sign it into law anyway. The question in Washington now is… “What’s Russia going to do about it?”

American officials, lawmakers, and business lobbies have a broad and united consensus that enacting Permanent Normalised Trade Relations (PNTR) with Russia would provide a boost for American exporters. However, the decision to link PNTR to the Magnitsky Act, named for Sergei Magnitsky, a whistle-blowing lawyer who died in a Moscow jail three years ago, angered top Russian officials, who accuse the USA of meddling in their country’s internal affairs. On Thursday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs vowed to “react toughly” to this “this unfriendly provocative act”, but it remains unclear exactly what this reaction will be and what impact it might have on bilateral ties.

Cliff Kupchan, head of the Russia and CIS team at Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy in New York City, said, “The most unfortunate outcome would be a Russian response that disrupts American-Russian economic relations. If Russia responds with some proportionate blacklist of its own, my view is that the issue will be contained. If Russia responds with an extremely-expansive bill based on multiple criteria, it’d negatively affect relations”.

The bill to go before the House of Representatives on Friday would deny visas to… and freeze the assets of… officials suspected of involvement in Magnitsky’s death and other alleged human rights abuses. The Obama administration maintained that the American government already has mechanisms in place to punish such individuals, and has tried in vain to keep the Magnitsky bill separate from the PNTR issues. Russia joined the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in August, and, as a fellow WTO member, the USA must normalise trade relations with Russia in order to allow American businesses to capitalise on opportunities in the Russian market.

Carroll Colley, a Washington-based analyst for Eurasia Group, wrote in an essay published Thursday on the Foreign Policy website, “These advantages could be diminished by punitive bureaucratic measures targeting American companies doing business in Russia as a response to the Magnitsky Act. The measures could include unannounced tax inspections of American companies, delayed or denied licensing or registration procedures, and other bureaucratic complications”. James Collins, a former US ambassador to Russia under President Clinton, told RIA-Novosti, “Human rights have long been an issue in American relations with the USSR and Russia, and it’d be unrealistic for anyone to expect this to change anytime soon. The real question is whether the two governments can find reasonably effective ways to manage both the places where we agree and where we disagree. Or, they don’t, and, instead, let this become a disruptive part of the relationship”.

16 November 2012

Carl Schreck



Editor’s Note:

What do you think would happen if Russia made a list of the American states where labour organisers are routinely brutalised and killed? What do you think that the Republican Party would do if Russia blacklisted Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Arkansas for their racially-based efforts to restrict voting by blacks and Mexican-Americans? What do think that the USA would do if Russia barred Rick Perry, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Joe Arapaio, and Sean Hannity from Russia on the grounds that they foment and spread extremism (although they DO such and aren’t ashamed of it, no siree)? (Orthodox people… what do you think would happen if Russia banned JP, Potapov, Rod Dreher, and Josiah Trenham for supporting Hard Right causes and for being religious kooks?) Why, there’d be a hellacious stink! You could smell it all the way from the banks of the Potomac to the Arbat!

In short, this is arrogant Anglo posturing. The people who brought you Wounded Knee, Hiroshima, and Guantánamo should know better. THIS is why the world despises the USA. It isn’t envy… its disgust. We should grow up and act like adults… but shall we?


Russia Hopes that the USA may Eventually Lift Cuban Embargo


According to Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin, Russia hopes that the Americans will follow their decision to ease their blockade of Cuba with other moves that’d fully lift the blockade. The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution urging Washington to give up its trade embargo, which is now in its 51st year. Recently, the USA somewhat eased the blockade. Specifically, it’s removed the restrictions concerning visits by US citizens to their relatives in Cuba, as well as allowing cash remittances. Churkin feels that the unilateral US sanctions have proved incapable of affecting the Cuban people’s choice of the model of social development, but have only served to lower the island country’s living standards.

Once again, the UN General Assembly demanded that the USA “in the shortest possible time” lift its commercial and financial embargo against Cuba. The USA started the blockade 51 years ago, and it seriously undermined the island’s economy of the island. 186 UN member states supported the resolution; three countries voted against it (the USA, Israel, and Palau), and two abstained (Micronesia, Marshall Islands). The resolution calls on the international community to refrain in future from destructive actions such as those taken by Washington against Cuba. As the resolution emphasised, these actions are contrary to all countries’ obligations under the UN Charter, and under international law.

14 November 2012

Voice of Russia World Service



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