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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. JP’s Sister Laura Dies in Georgetown Hospital of Cancer… Be a Christian… Pray for Her Soul


One of the Cabinet told me:

JP’s sister Laura died this morning in DC at Georgetown Hospital.

Pray for her soul… it’s what Christians do. In any case, she’s not responsible for anything that her putz of a brother did. Pray for her passing, pray for the family’s solace… that’s our DUTY as Christians. Christians show compassion for those in grief. Christians also see to it that justice is done, and that wrongs are righted.

When the mourning period is over (forty days), Tikhon Mollard should demote JP… it’s the Christian thing to do.




18 November 2012. One of the Goombahs Speaks on the Midwest Diocesan Assembly and Moriak


One of the goombahs told me this about the Midwest Diocesan Assembly:

A great deal of time was spent on delegates being allowed to speak about the Moriak situation. Apparently, it was very candid and very blunt. A good number of people don’t feel they can accept him as their ruling bishop any longer. What happens after his “rehabilitation” is unknown. Anyone want to bet Moriak ends up assigned in another diocese? Moriak’s son even spoke. The written version of his comments are posted on a a blog called The Fourth Rome. It’s interesting to read that along with Ted Bobosh’s comments on his blog.

That’s like bein’ a fly on the wall, ain’t it? In short, Moriak’s got NO cred, no cred at all. He’s gotta go, or else the Diocese will start unravelling one parish at a time. Remember, kids, Syosset doesn’t have money to fight you… it’s got TWENTY useless-eater bishops and lawsuits up the yin-yang soaking up all of YOUR money. Moriak’s son still has the appointment that daddy got for him… what’s wrong with that picture? That’s why no one of serious import trusts Moriak… he’s an open practitioner of nepotism and he was a fawning lickspittle to JP and the konvertsy set.

Moriak deserves demotion to the priesthood for his morals charge and for his persecution of Mark Stokoe (messing with the previous bishop’s oikonomia… that’s not done… Mark’s a zipperhead, but he got treated badly, and I’ll speak for ALL those fucked by the apparat). JP deserves demotion to the priesthood for his protection of Ray Velencia and tolerance of RV’s lawsuit against Mike Regan (Ray didn’t go through Church channels first with his complaint against Mike Regan… the canons require that) and for his promotion of the Imiaslavie heresy at Manton (then, again, he became an “abbot” one year after his tonsure… the citation in Orthowiki that he was a novice at Valaam is an outright lie and should be removed immediately). Vinnie Peterson has to be demoted to the priesthood for his DUI arrest (the late Polish metropolitan slept it off at the station house more than once, but Polish sources assure me that he was NEVER arrested… “Lay off the vodka, next time, willya, Vladyki”… that was the worst of that situation).

There’s a serious credibility crisis in the OCATikhon Mollard can demote the above three individuals or he has no cred. Is that “fair?” NO… but I’ve noticed that life’s rarely “fair”. That’s what’s on his plate, and he has to deal with it, one way or another. By the way, “doing nothing” is the worst option of all. Pass the jug, we all need it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 November 2012

Albany NY

18 November 2012. Love BT “Leaves” Monomuckos Again… He’ll be Back, Kids


Firstly, let’s have Love BT in all of his glory:

That you ascribe credence to the SIC report, Mr Michalopolos, makes it easy for me to say “Good-bye All!” today, the first day of my 81st year on earth. You elevate that piece of garbage, the SIC report, to the status of “historical record”. Actually, it’s like the “historical record” that President Obama is a Communist, a Hitler, a Muslim with an Islamic inscription on his ring, as well as a blatant, life-long homosexual with “Gay Code” on his ring, with lots more of the same to come. So, I’m not REALLY surprised that you’d believe that sort of thing. The link to that report has been published here for some time. I suppose Metropolitan Jonah has a refuge lined up in another Local Church and there’d be no point in the OCA granting him a stipend, he’s too young for a pension. I think he’s more than satisfied with the “career” he had in the OCA, and not a little relieved to be out of the spotlight as far as his personal life goes. So, Goodbye all, some of this journey was OK, but a LOT of it stank. That’s life. Sexual immorality is NOT at the root of what’s happening so publicly in the OCA, but still discreetly elsewhere. The elephant in the room is Unbelief.


Like all raconteurs, Love BT loves an audience. He’ll be back on his usual soapbox in a fortnight… that’s what happened the last time, no? However, there are some lacunae in the above rant. Firstly, I hear that JP’s trying to get into the ROCOR through his pal Potapov. That’s iffy at best… Potapov’s not as powerful (in Church terms) as he claims, and JP’s not bright enough to catch it. After all, Hilarion Kapral shitcanned that squiffy bunch of nuns in Maryland. That’s a sign that JP’s probably not wanted… Hilarion would take him in if he was an independent actor, but he’s a dependent liege of the Centre now. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one.

Note this from Love BT:

Sexual immorality is NOT at the root of what’s happening so publicly in the OCA, but still discreetly elsewhere. The elephant in the room is Unbelief.

That’s only partially true. BT doesn’t want questions about Soraich, Brittain, Peterson, JP, Herman, and Feodosy… they’re all “interesting”, aren’t they? Tikhon Fitzgerald (“Love BT”) is tied up with all of them, and if they were to sink, so would he. As far as Unbelief is concerned, it’s mostly a problem amongst the First Families and the SVSniki. If you look at the actions of Lyonyo, Bobby, Piggy Iggy Burdikoff, Tosi, and Ray Velencia, you don’t find the actions of believers… you find the actions of very secular unbelievers (note their propensity to resort to legal action rather than using Church channels).

The main problems facing the OCA are concealment of sexual perversion amongst some of the clergy and rampant ignorance amongst the konvertsy (especially amongst konvertsy clergy). Unbelief comes in a distant third, if not fourth (“creative accounting” would take third place, I’d say). Tikhon Mollard lacks the fortitude and grit to deal with this. He’s a “nice guy”… we don’t need a “nice guy”; we need someone who’ll “kick ass and take names”. He’s had it too easy… Herman greased the ways for him from the beginning.

No… Love BT won’t be away from Monomuckos for long… he does need an audience, after all. Pass me the jug, I need a hit, and so do you…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 November 2012

Albany NY 


18 November 2012. The Church Blessed the Unions… NOT Capital… Get Your Mind Right


When the po-nashemu people were victimised by their American capitalist bosses, the Church blessed the labour movement. Hell, the Church blessed the Wobblies! Russian Orthodox people (and Ukes, Serbs, and Carpatsky Rus, too) were in the forefront of the union struggle. We stood tall in the sit-down strikes, we fought the management goons, and we gave the scabs what they deserved. That’s one reason why the Valley went for President Obama… a lot of the people remembered their roots; they didn’t forget what their grandparents went through.

As for those who voted for the Republicans… shame on you! Your forebears will denounce you… if you had “bettered yourself”, you had an obligation to help those in the same boat that your forebears were in… but no… you voted for greed and warfare. I, for one, bitterly regret ever having voted for the greedster GOP… I kicked my ancestors in the teeth by doing that.

The Church blessed the unions… by its very nature, it can’t bless Mammon (Capital). After all, didn’t Our Lord Christ say, “You can’t serve both God and Mammon. For no man can serve two masters… he will hate the one and love the other”. That tells us what our duty before God and man is… and it isn’t voting for those who’d kick our fellow countrymen in the face for the sake of filthy lucre. I stand with Christ… what about you?


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