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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. A Photo Spread. From the Russian Web. War With a Female Face







Some wonder if women should serve in combat. Some men rant that women are incapable of doing so. Well… the women who served in the Red Army in the VOV answered that… they showed that they were just as tough as the men were and were just as capable of killing Fascists. Mind you, most Red Army women served in rear-area slots, freeing men for the front (the Finns did the same thing, by the way), but those who served at the front showed their mettle.

They paid the price in full… their blood lay on every battlefield fought over by the Red Army. If anyone tells you that women aren’t capable of serving at the front, they’re full of shit, and you should tell them that, point-blank. They’re usually full of other poxy ideas, too… such as “rugged individualism“, “the invisible hand of the market“, and “trickle down economics“. They’re all cut from the same mouldy bolt of rotted cloth.

Let those who can serve, serve… whether they’re men or women. History tells us the true story…


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