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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. One of the Goombahs Speaks on the Midwest Diocesan Assembly and Moriak


One of the goombahs told me this about the Midwest Diocesan Assembly:

A great deal of time was spent on delegates being allowed to speak about the Moriak situation. Apparently, it was very candid and very blunt. A good number of people don’t feel they can accept him as their ruling bishop any longer. What happens after his “rehabilitation” is unknown. Anyone want to bet Moriak ends up assigned in another diocese? Moriak’s son even spoke. The written version of his comments are posted on a a blog called The Fourth Rome. It’s interesting to read that along with Ted Bobosh’s comments on his blog.

That’s like bein’ a fly on the wall, ain’t it? In short, Moriak’s got NO cred, no cred at all. He’s gotta go, or else the Diocese will start unravelling one parish at a time. Remember, kids, Syosset doesn’t have money to fight you… it’s got TWENTY useless-eater bishops and lawsuits up the yin-yang soaking up all of YOUR money. Moriak’s son still has the appointment that daddy got for him… what’s wrong with that picture? That’s why no one of serious import trusts Moriak… he’s an open practitioner of nepotism and he was a fawning lickspittle to JP and the konvertsy set.

Moriak deserves demotion to the priesthood for his morals charge and for his persecution of Mark Stokoe (messing with the previous bishop’s oikonomia… that’s not done… Mark’s a zipperhead, but he got treated badly, and I’ll speak for ALL those fucked by the apparat). JP deserves demotion to the priesthood for his protection of Ray Velencia and tolerance of RV’s lawsuit against Mike Regan (Ray didn’t go through Church channels first with his complaint against Mike Regan… the canons require that) and for his promotion of the Imiaslavie heresy at Manton (then, again, he became an “abbot” one year after his tonsure… the citation in Orthowiki that he was a novice at Valaam is an outright lie and should be removed immediately). Vinnie Peterson has to be demoted to the priesthood for his DUI arrest (the late Polish metropolitan slept it off at the station house more than once, but Polish sources assure me that he was NEVER arrested… “Lay off the vodka, next time, willya, Vladyki”… that was the worst of that situation).

There’s a serious credibility crisis in the OCATikhon Mollard can demote the above three individuals or he has no cred. Is that “fair?” NO… but I’ve noticed that life’s rarely “fair”. That’s what’s on his plate, and he has to deal with it, one way or another. By the way, “doing nothing” is the worst option of all. Pass the jug, we all need it.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 18 November 2012

Albany NY


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