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Sunday, 18 November 2012

18 November 2012. The Church Blessed the Unions… NOT Capital… Get Your Mind Right


When the po-nashemu people were victimised by their American capitalist bosses, the Church blessed the labour movement. Hell, the Church blessed the Wobblies! Russian Orthodox people (and Ukes, Serbs, and Carpatsky Rus, too) were in the forefront of the union struggle. We stood tall in the sit-down strikes, we fought the management goons, and we gave the scabs what they deserved. That’s one reason why the Valley went for President Obama… a lot of the people remembered their roots; they didn’t forget what their grandparents went through.

As for those who voted for the Republicans… shame on you! Your forebears will denounce you… if you had “bettered yourself”, you had an obligation to help those in the same boat that your forebears were in… but no… you voted for greed and warfare. I, for one, bitterly regret ever having voted for the greedster GOP… I kicked my ancestors in the teeth by doing that.

The Church blessed the unions… by its very nature, it can’t bless Mammon (Capital). After all, didn’t Our Lord Christ say, “You can’t serve both God and Mammon. For no man can serve two masters… he will hate the one and love the other”. That tells us what our duty before God and man is… and it isn’t voting for those who’d kick our fellow countrymen in the face for the sake of filthy lucre. I stand with Christ… what about you?



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