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Monday, 19 November 2012

19 November 2012. A Point to Ponder. THIS is Why Russia Remembers…


A braying jackass on the Washington Post bloviated recently that Russian patriotism seemed based (to him) only on Victory Day. There’s much more to it, of course. Every year, bodies are found on the old battlefields… it brings the reality of the war home to a new generation. Russian patriotism has many roots, in fact. There’s the Baptism of Rus in the Dnepr… the Battle on the IceMinin and PozharskyGreat October… the Great Victory… Gagarin’s journey into space… indeed, it’s much more “rooted” than its American analogue.

Russia remembers… America refuses to… I think that I see a difference there. On the one hand you have a Rod Dreher and a Freddie M-G… on the other, you have a Valentin Rasputin and Ilya Glazunov… there’s no comparison, is there? Russia remembers… so should we…



19 November 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Say “No” to Illegal Barriers

Say “No” to Illegal Barriers

Sergei Yolkin



LDPR deputies introduced a bill in the RF Gosduma providing for fines of up to one million Roubles (32,000 USD. 25,000 Euros. 20,000 UK Pounds) for illegal barriers that impede traffic and parking near houses, offices, hotels, and restaurants.

19 November 2012

Sergei Yolkin




19 November 2012. Rod Dreher Chock Fulla Shit… As Per Usual

Is Rod Dreher going to change his tune about President Obama now that he’s under the MP (the ROCOR is a constituent part of the MP, after all)? Or, is he going to continue his present Hard Right delusions (to go along with his prelest in religious matters)? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Firstly, here’s Dreher’s ignoramus rant in all of its crackbrained glory:

I want to add, George, that from what I’m hearing… your experience, and that of various readers, may differ… is that this weary disgust is not simply the legacy of the turmoil surrounding Metropolitan Jonah, but weary disgust over the last ten years or so in the life of the OCA… the moral rot at senior levels of the Church, and the inability of the Church to deal effectively with this chronic sickness within its own administrative body.

You and I, George, have come to somewhat different conclusions about the fitness of Metropolitan Jonah for the white hat, but we both agree that the way he was treated by the Synod was and is disgraceful. Whatever Jonah’s failings… and I believe they were significant… he stood for reform, and for a renewal of evangelical zeal. That was so appealing to many people. Orthodox from other jurisdictions would tell me how much they envied us having a leader like him. I would have conversations with non-Orthodox who had become curious about Orthodoxy after hearing him, or reading something about him.

Now, that’s gone, and it’s not coming back, because the Synod does not want that sort of thing. I accept that, but I am completely confident it will in time prove to have been a fateful… and fatal… decision. In rejecting the person of Jonah, the OCA’s Synod and apparat also rejected a vision of the Orthodox future. Many ordinary Orthodox Christians grasp this, and despair that the patient can be saved. One reason our small Orthodox community in the small town where I’m living didn’t consider appealing to the OCA for a mission (or rather, a full-time priest for the mission we have here), even though we’d gotten together the money to pay for a full-time priest, is because in light of the way things have gone in the OCA at the Synodal level these past couple of years, we don’t have any faith that there will even be an OCA five or ten years from now. We’re all making a huge investment of our time, talents, and money into establishing this ROCOR mission, and we’re doing so with confidence because we believe that whatever ROCOR’s own problems (and no church is without them), the Church’s leadership can be trusted, and the Church itself is stable.



As US Secretary of State Cordell Hull said to Japanese Ambassador Nomura at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack:

I’ve never seen such a document that was more crowded with infamous falsehood and distortion. Scoundrels and piss-ants.

Indeed. Everyone knows of Fathausen’s long connection with the sodomite Gleb Podmoshensky (and how he maintained that connection even after the ROCOR Holy Synod deposed Podmoshensky for nasty doings) and of JP’s long advocacy of the imiaslavie heresy. Everyone knows how Fathausen lied about his time at Valaam Monastery (he was merely a long-term guest, not a member of the brotherhood). Everyone knows how Fathausen would be gentle as a lamb when told of something that displeased him, but then he sucker-punched his unwitting interlocutor at the earliest opportunity. Everyone knows how he coddled Ray Velencia and allowed this suspended priest under his jurisdiction to sue a priest in good-standing (Mike Regan) for no good reason whatsoever. Everyone knows how Fathausen would, straight-faced, deny what he said when it was convenient for him. Everyone knows how JP served openly with Herman Swaiko and Feodosy Lazor at the St Tikhon’s Memorial Day Pilgrimage  which told the world that he had no problem with the OCA “Lavender Mafia”. In short, James Paffhausen was the Lord Haw-Haw of Russian Orthodoxy in the American diaspora. The fact that Dreher gushes over him is proof of his shocking ignorance and blindness.

Dreher’s part of a konvertsy set that knows little about Christianity in general, less about Orthodox Christianity in particular, and least of all about the life and history of the Orthosphere. He’s a rightwing fanatic who’s joined a Church whose First Hierarch supports the end of the blockade of Cuba, condemned the American use of torture at black sites abroad, attacks the Free Market as fraudulent, and is friendly with President Obama. Ain’t that amazin’? Dreher’s joined a Church that denies his every political stance. However, Dreher’s part of a looney-tunes cabal centred on Victor Potapov (a long-time Langley asset… RFE/RL is a well-known CIA front organisation) and Freddie M-G. They’re the kind of scatterbrained lot that believes in such rot as home-schooling their kids, Creationism, and knee-jerk support of the most reactionary and racist segment of the US Republican Party. That is, they’re in direct opposition to what HH and the Centre teach on social issues… fancy that.

Consider the (tainted) source. Only one part of the above screed was correct:

We don’t have any faith that there will even be an OCA five or ten years from now.

Indeed… Mr Dreher’s an optimist, don’t you think?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Monday 19 November 2012

Albany NY

19 November 2012. Details on the Laura Paffhausen Funeral


Services at St Nicholas Cathedral, 3500 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington DC 20007:

Tuesday 20 November: Pannikhida at 19.00 EST

Wednesday 21 November: Divine Liturgy at 10.00 EST, followed by Litia and Burial at Rock Creek Cemetery, Rock Creek Church Rd & Webster St NW Washington DC 20011

May God grant her rest in place of brightness, a place of refreshment, a place of repose, from whence all sickness, sorrow, and sighing have fled away.

Вечная память



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