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Thursday, 22 November 2012

22 November 2012. Here’s the Latest on the OCA Transition


One of the Cabinet whispered to me:

Mollard met with Bishop Mel and Maymon at STS in re transition.  Plan is for Mollard to move next month to Syosset and Maymon to move to STS.  There’s talk of merging Diocese of Eastern PA and Western PA into one diocese with Mel as Ruling Bishop.

It’s business as usual for Syosset, SVS, and oca.org… you’re all mushrooms, kids… they’re keeping you in the dark and feeding you shit (when they’re feeding you anything at all). Maymon doesn’t belong at STS… he doesn’t belong in the Valley… he doesn’t fit there. Merger of the PA dioceses is due to two factors:

  • there ain’t no more money in the cupboard
  • Eastern PA won’t accept the dippy Maymon as bishop, no way, no how

Stokoe coming out the way he did is proof that Lyonyo’s moving fast. SOMETHING’S got him spooked. That means that he’ll make a mistake or two, and Mollard isn’t bright enough or gritty enough to put them right. At most, the honeymoon will last until the Memorial Day Pilgrimage, although there’s sign of considerable fraying already (NOBODY’S enthused about Mollard… there’s a whole lot of apathy out there). If Mollard concelebrates with his sugar-daddy patron Herman Swaiko at the Pilgrimage, it’s all over. Never forget, Herman pushed Mollard forward, he was the main force behind Mollard’s advancement… although I’d say that he did so rather too quickly. Of course, if Mollard also serves with Feodosy Lazor and JP at the Pilgrimage, it’s all over. Mind you, his house of cards wouldn’t collapse immediately, but it’d destroy his cred permanently (much as Peterson’s DUI arrest and Moriak’s morals charge have deprived them of any credibility for all time).

In short, it looks like this lash-up is in the deep kimchi but good. Stokoe’s back as Lyonyo’s faithful lapdog… Tosi’s still trying to muzzle people… Behr and Herbel are still trying to stuff the real past down the memory hole. Jillions is pretending that everything’s fine… and everyone’s wondering what’s up between Lyonyo and Bobby… that’s what’s going to determine how the chips fall. Lyonyo’s behind Mollard… Bobby, I think, will try to resurrect JP (and use Rod Dreher as his mouthpiece). It bids fair to be “interesting”… God do help us.



22 November 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Thomas Edison’s Phonograph


135 years ago, on 21 November 1877, the world learned about a stunning American invention by Thomas Edison… a device that let you record and play back sound. The phonograph immediately made its inventor famous, and even Edison himself couldn’t believe his luck, saying, “I’m always afraid of things that work right the first time”. The first phonograph cylinder was made of foil, and playback was by means of a moving needle. The cylinder rotated against the needle, which resulted in audio playback. The first words recorded and reproduced on the miracle device was an excerpt from a children’s song, Mary Had a Little Lamb. Edison himself wrote out a list of ten major applications for the phonograph. In particular, Edison wanted to create talking books for the blind, make discs to teach public speaking and for music boxes, clocks, and talking toys, and to use the phonograph to record music, the voices of family members, and the speeches of great men.

21 November 2012



22 November 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Thanksgiving Day Tradition and History


Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day on the fourth Thursday of November. The history of this holiday goes back to one of the first English settlements in America in 1620. Escaping from religious persecution, a group of English Puritans known as “Pilgrims” set off on a dangerous journey, they hoped to find long-awaited freedom in the New World. Their first year in their new homeland was very severe. The settlers had to endure hunger, cold, misery, and disease. After a harsh winter, during which about half of the group died, they learned from neighbouring Indians how to grow corn and other crops adapted to local conditions, to distinguish edible from poisonous plants, which springs had drinkable water, and where the best hunting trails and fishing spots were. In autumn 1621, the colonists gathered a good crop for which they have decided to thank the Lord with a festive meal. This was the first-ever Thanksgiving Day. For a long time, it was an unofficial holiday. However, in 1789, the first US President, George Washington, proclaimed Thanksgiving Day a national holiday, and he requested the Congress to set a date, 26 November, a Thursday. Later, the date of the holiday changed, but one thing remains unchanged… the respect and consideration that Americans give to a date that’s closely connected with their faith and history.

22 November 2012




Czech Church Restitution Law to Take Effect


On Thursday, presidential spokesman Radim Ochvat told ČTK that Czech President Václav Klaus neither signed nor vetoed a church restitution law, showing reservations about it, but allowing the law to take effect. Under the law, Czech churches are to get back land and real estate now held by the state, worth some 75 billion Korunas (118.3 billion Roubles. 3.8 billion USD. 3 billion Euros. 2.4 billion UK Pounds), if they can prove that the state confiscated it from them after the 1948 Czechoslovak communist coup. In addition, they’re to receive 59 billion Korunas (93 billion Roubles. 3 billion USD. 2.32 billion Euros. 1.87 billion UK Pounds) for real estate held by municipalities, regions, or individuals in the next 30 years. The Roman Catholic Church owned most of the property. Klaus noted that the main Czech political parties failed to agree on the restitution issue and that a majority of the public is against it, warning that the restitution law could polarise Czech society and harm the churches. Nevertheless, he said the law is crucial for political stability.

22 November 2012




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