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Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Friday Shopping Madness Starts on Thursday


This year, many American retailers opened at 20.00 late Thursday and left Americans with no choice but to drop out of the oldest of American rituals… giving thanks and eating turkey, to head for the stores in pursuit of Black Friday bargains. Retailers used to open at dawn on Friday, and the Thanksgiving tradition was quite safe. Then, just a few years ago, suddenly, they opened at midnight. Last year, Black Friday crept into Thursday, as stores threw open their doors at 22.00. This year, stores decided to go even further and announced they’d start at 20.00. Many Americans had to sit down for Thanksgiving dinner earlier so that they could get to the stores on time. Michelle Vanaelst said, “It’s not the typical Black Friday. I like the way it always used to be”. Although many people are unhappy about it, the stores say that consumers have only themselves to blame. They explain that as much as people want to celebrate, they want to shop, too.

23 November 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

I’ve NEVER shopped on “Black Friday”… I find it offensive and beyond the pale. Indeed, I do my best to stay away from malls on that day. To speak bluntly, no one “demanded” that the malls open early. If you needed proof that the crapitalist system’s crank and perverted at its core, this is it. It does speak to the cupidity of all too many, doesn’t it? I’m no spoil-sport or wet blanket, but “Black Friday” isn’t a real holiday, it’s a businessman’s artifice to fleece people and get more money. The sooner it goes into the dustbin of history, the better.



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