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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

28 November 2012. Another Fumble from oca.org… NO Transcript of Mollard’s Video Posted

Well, the Syosset gang did its usual botched job on this…


Check this out. Click here. This is against normal institutional procedure. Transcripts of video speeches are given… to prevent tampering in future by interested parties. Lyonyo, Jillions, Tosi, and Behr ARE “interested parties”. They could switch out the vid, and no one would know. NO… I’m not going to waste my time transcribing this sorry production. This is a responsibility of Syosset, and they fumbled the job, yet again. Even the Three Stooges were better organised…

It does prove that Tikhon Mollard‘s lazy and torpid. He doesn’t check out things that go out over his name. That’s not a good sign, kids.



President Obama Visited Damaged Malankara Orthodox Church on Staten Island: “He Spoke to Us as If He Knew Us for a Long Time”

This is the damage to the present building of the parish… there’s a link below for the parish… click on it, and there are directions on how you can contribute to them. Send ’em a fin or two… repairs ain’t cheap and money doesn’t grow on trees.


When US President Barack Obama visited Staten Island on 15 November, the New York City borough devastated by Hurricane Sandy, he met with members of St George Malankara Orthodox Church, which suffered moderate damage. Sunny Konniyoor, a member of the church, told India Abroad, “We didn’t expect to meet the President. We stood near the church, hoping to see the President going that way. Instead of driving through, Obama walked in the New Dorp Beach neighbourhood, inspecting damage and interacting with residents. Only those who live in the area can remain there. Konniyoor said, “Since we’re members of the church, the Secret Service allowed us to stand near the church”.

When the President saw the group, which included Vicar Fr Alex Joy, Dr Skaria Oommen, Konniyoor, and his son Martin, he walked towards them. Martin, an accountant, congratulated Obama on his election victory. The president inquired about his work. The team described to the President the extent of damage to the church, which was the first Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church building in North America. The church didn’t have flood insurance. They didn’t expect much help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Konniyoor, an Obama supporter, said, “He spoke to us as if he knew us for a long time”.

The President suggested they take a photograph. A state lawmaker took a camera from Martin and clicked a photograph. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and several top officials accompanied Obama. After walking down a block that had been all-but-demolished in the storm, Obama said, “We’re reminded that we’re bound together and have to look out for each other. We’re going to have to put some of the turf battles aside. We’re going to have to make sure everybody’s focused on doing the job, as opposed to worrying about who’s getting the credit, or, who’s getting the contracts, and all that stuff that sometimes goes into the rebuilding process”. Of 43 deaths attributed to the storm in New York City, 23 were on Staten Island.

29 November 2012 (IST)

Rediff News


Editor’s Note:

You hear much bloody noise from Paffhausen, Dahulich, Reardon, Freddie M-G, Dreher, and Mattingly about how the Church is allied to “conservative” rightwing politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. The majority of real ethnic Orthodox (and converts in real parishes, as opposed to konvertsy conventicles) voted for the President. Don’t forget, ethnic Orthodox votes put the President over the top in the Valley. Real Orthodox came home… as for the loudmouthed konvertsy, they lie… there’s no kinder way of expressing it. St Aleksei Toth blessed the Wobblies… not the greedy bosses. HH blessed Hugo Chávez Frías… not the warmongering Republican Party.

Get with the programme…


Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Visits Omaha


On Wednesday morning, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem spoke at Bethel Lutheran Church in Omaha NE on topics ranging from the current conflict in Gaza to working together. Patriarch Theophilos Giannopoulos used an interpreter for much of his talk and the question and answer portion of the programme, held at South 45th Street and Poppleton Avenue. He described for the audience the current situation between Israel and Hamas and other things going on in the region. His host for the day, Pastor Nathan Houfek, said it’s important to hear different perspectives on important issues, noting, “Too much of what we hear is filtered through a media that’s coloured by our political ties”. Local Greek families prepared lunch, which featured food that they felt would make the archbishop feel at home.

28 November 2012

6 News WOWT



Click on the link above; there’s a 50-second video of the Patriarch’s visit.

Editor’s Note:

Again, there was no note on oca.org of Patriarch Theophilos’ visit to the USA. There are three possibilities:

  • Syosset is incompetent and clueless (the Tosi hypothesis)
  • Syosset doesn’t give a rat’s ass (the Lyonyo hypothesis)
  • Syosset is out of the loop (the SVS hypothesis)

Actually, it’s probably a mixture of all three, with it being more skewed to Hutsky-Klutsky rather than conspiratorial. Mollard could’ve met with Theophilos, or, at least, posted a message of good will on oca.org. “We welcome the visit of Patriarch Theophilos of the Holy City of Jerusalem to the USA. We hope that he finds his stay here congenial. We’d like to inform him that he’s always welcome at the Chancery in Syosset, and that he’d meet with a hospitable and Christian reception if he came to visit us. Mnogaya lyeta!” Nope… NOTHING. If that doesn’t tell you that it’s business as usual in Syosset and SVS, well, nothing will. This is abominable…


“Moscow-on-Seine” Orthodox Cathedral by Eiffel Tower gets Green Light




A massive Russian-style cathedral is set to transform the iconic skyline of the French capital, Paris. In the wake of Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev‘s visit to Paris, his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault said that France backed the construction of a controversial Orthodox cathedral not far from the Eiffel Tower. During a press conference with Medvedev, Ayrault said, “France shall stick to the realisation of the project. However, to build in Paris is more difficult than elsewhere, due to all the architecture and heritage protection laws”.

Moscow‘s plan to build a large cathedral and cultural centre with five onion domes and an undulating roof of glass panels beside the River Seine was stopped earlier this month. Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë described the project as “pastiche architecture” and an “ostentation totally unsuitable for the banks of the Seine”. Russia bought the 4,000-square-metre (43,055 square feet. 0.4 hectare. 1 acre) land plot that once hosted the headquarters of the French weather service in 2007 for about 60 million UK Pounds (3 million Roubles. 96 million USD. 75 million Euros). Medvedev finalised plans to build a second Orthodox cathedral in Paris with then-French president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010.

However, when the joint design by Spanish architect Manuel Nuñez, agency Sade, and Russian company Arch Group was unveiled, many Parisians raised their eyebrows. They soon dubbed the project “Moscow-on-Seine”. The French government subsequently suspended an agreement with Russia whereby it pledged to study ways to make the building “harmoniously fit the surrounding landscape”. Ayrault said in conclusion, “I’m sure we’re on the right track to find a good project. I’m sure we’re going to find a solution”. Tens of thousands of Russians live in or near Paris. In the 1920s, the French capital became a favourite destination for anti-Bolshevik “White Russians” fleeing the Communist takeover of Russia.

28 November 2012

International Business Times


Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep this one simple. On the one hand, you had the Mayor of Paris, homosexual activists, and posturing pseudo-intellectuals (think the SVS crowd, and you’ll have ’em nailed). On the other hand, you had the Russian government and the powerful builders’ trades union. There was NO contest. However, Hollande had to mollify the loud activists, so, he took a week to make his decision to allow them to posture to their heart’s content. Now, it’s time for real work, and the project’s going forward, as originally planned. After all, Russia ships in the natural gas and the builders’ union has a lot of clout. This was over before it even started…



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