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Thursday, 29 November 2012

29 November 2012. EP Names Relative Neophyte as Head of the ACROD… EP Invites NO OCA Hierarchs to Johnstown Installation


One of the Cabinet told me:

OCA was NOT invited… I thought, well, no OCA bishops were able to attend… and it’s a big mistake to have a Greek as their bishop. Why didn’t they choose a po-nashemu from the other side?

This must be particularly galling to Lyonyo & Co… you see, if Mollard had gotten an invite to the Johnstown shindig, even if it were to just sit amongst the people, it would’ve been a feather in Lyonyo’s cap and a boost to Mollard’s cred. Instead, the Greeks shit all over them and laughed.

The following higher clergy officiated at the service:

The following heterodox clergy were present:

The above list is the official list on acrod.org, click here for the original.

The above abortion was obviously a Greek production from stem to stern. They invited heretical Uniate imposters (who attack the Church in Zakarpatiya and Galicia)… but they put out the “Not Welcome” mat for faithful Russian Orthodox believers, clergy, and hierarchs (if Russian Orthodox people were invited, but refused because of the participation of Uniate quislings, they should have gone “public” with such a confession of faith). I’ll be blunt, they had the obligation to invite Bishop Melchisedek Pleska of Pittsburgh, Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov, and a delegate from the ROCOR… but they didn’t. That’s how I know that the po-nashemu people didn’t put this Dixie Fry together or write these news releases. This fries my ice but good. If this is what the Greeks want… if they invite Uniate poseurs and kick real Orthodox in the face, I’ll not set foot in an EP parish. They’re telling me that I’m not welcome unless I kiss Bart’s and the Pope’s arse, and I won’t do either.

Another one of the Cabinet opined:

My guess is that [Tatsis] is a trusted “company man” and he’ll make sure that the Carpatho-Russians stay under Greek dominance.

I replied:

It means that the Greeks are SCARED shitless. Note well that the TV station that interviewed attendees at the liturgy in Johnstown talked to Greeks (including a so-called “Archon”), not real po-nashemu people. That’s a sign that the Greeks don’t trust their “little brown brothers” (I always get the impression that EP Greeks always look down their noses at everyone else).

If that ain’t all, I found the following in my “Alerts”:

Holy Journey: Bishop Gregory of Nyssa Follows God’s Path

Just about a decade ago, George Tatsis went on a mission trip to the wilds of Alaska. He watched Yup’ik Eskimos live simple but harsh lives, surviving on animals they harvested from the land and water. Tatsis admired the way the men and women practised an Orthodox faith, originally brought to them by Russian missionaries and hunters in the 1800s. There, amongst the natives, he once again felt a calling to join the priesthood that, for decades, he denied. Soon afterward, Tatsis entered Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in 2003. Now, only five years after officially becoming a priest in 2007, he’s the leader of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA with the name Bishop Gregory of Nyssa (sic!). On Tuesday, He was consecrated during a nearly four-hour ceremony at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Johnstown’s West End. His meteoric rise from student to bishop all started with the trip to Alaska.

The new bishop said in an interview after the ordination, “They were very pious people, humble people, and they have their little churches and their little villages. They’re very faithful. Just being around them, with the struggles that they have to maintain their faith (was very impressive to me) because it’s harsher… Alaska’s harsh… the environment’s harsh. … You have to fish and hunt to eat in those areas. I felt some kind of presence. It opened a new window, a new door if you would to consider the priesthood again. So, I took it. I went through the door”. Hundreds of well-wishers, including members of the Christ the Saviour flock, priests from across the country, and Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Bishop Mark Bartchak, attended the ordination.

Philip Yamalis, an Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the highest honour {it’s NO honour… you get it for fronting at least 10 Gs to Bart personally: editor} for a layperson in the church, said, “It’s pretty historical. It’s pretty awesome to be a witness of this type of event”. Tatsis, 53, holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology. He previously spent 21 years in cardiovascular research at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte NC. Tatsis said, “I was called to the priesthood as a teenager. In my senior year of high school, I denied that calling, if you will, and decided to study to be a doctor. I went to undergraduate school. I tried to get into medical school three years and was denied. Then, I told myself, I think God doesn’t want you to be a doctor, maybe there’s something else. … When God wants you to be somewhere, he’s going to take you there. You may delay the plans because you think you know something better, but, in the end, he puts you where you’re supposed to be”.

27 November 2012

Dave Sutor

Johnstown (PA) Tribune-Democrat



BISHOP GREGORY OF NYSSA!?! That’s impious. There’s only ONE Gregory of Nyssa, and he’s a saint. That tells you right off the bat that this jabronie is either full of himself and deluded, or he’s a spineless weakling. I’ll say this… if he admired the Russian Orthodox Alaska Natives so… and they make it quite clear that they’re RUSSIAN Orthodox… why weren’t there any Russian Orthodox hierarchs at his consecration? Uniate imposters got invites, but believing Russian Orthodox clergy didn’t even get sloppy seconds. This is proof, even for the dullest amongst us, that Bart’s up to no good, and that he’s ready to sell out to the papists at the soonest opportunity. This is enough to make any decent person hurl in disgust. I always liked the po-nashemu people… why did you do this? Why did you turn away your brothers in Christ and why did you embrace those who hate Christ’s Church and wish to replace it with an “infallible” papal monarchy? This is too much, truly…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 29 November 2012

Albany NY



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