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Friday, 30 November 2012

30 November 2012. Another View of Konvertsy Hubris

00 Toddler Tantrum. 29.11.12


Editor’s Foreword:

I’m running the below without commentary. It stands on all fours all by itself…



I slightly disagree with you. The konvertsy I know (and plenty of ’em!) don’t quote the Fathers or Canons as much as they:

  • Feel the Orthodox Church owes them something because they converted. Eternal Life ain’t enough?
  • Dispense with anything they perceive as “ethnic” even though its actually rock-solid Universal. For one, take the Plashchanitsa of the Mother of God at the Assumption. I was “informed” that it’s just an unnecessary Russian custom from Polish Catholic influence. Umm…  then, why is it mentioned in the 8th Century in Palestine?
  • New Pascha! GOTTA have the NEW PASCHA! Or, we’re not “with” the Fathers.
  • Married Bishops. That’s supposed to end episcopal sex scandals. How’s that working out for Lutherans?
  • Altar Girls. Gotta have ’em. Otherwise the sky will fall. Women running Parish Councils and all the finances ain’t enough to show “equality”.
  • NO GREEK OR SLAVONIC OR KJV ENGLISH! Don’t even GO there. Jesus talked just like the characters in American TV shows.

There’s more but you get my drift. NO Fathers or Canons here. Just American self-will, hubris, and pride…

Editor’s Afterword:

Amen. I don’t have the key to everything…




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