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Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 December 2012. Read n’ Heed from Batiushka Andrew in England…

00 01.12.12 It's Up to Us..


Why do so many Anglicans who become Orthodox “make it up as they go along?”

Simply because they’re not anchored in the Tradition, they’ve never lived it, but only lived outside it. For them, Orthodoxy means to read a few books (probably, written by other converts like themselves), look at a few websites, learn a few techniques, and that’s it; they never understand that Orthodoxy’s a way of life and the values which come from that life. Their lack of spiritual preparation, along with their overnight receptions and ordinations, all cause so many scandals in the Church. I believe that the problem comes from certain bishops who ordain them without giving time and training. The worst thing is when these people think they know everything and refuse to learn from others. Tragically, after a few years, such movements die out like withered branches cut off from the tree of Orthodoxy. The only hope is that they live in places where Orthodox  Romanians, Greeks, and Russians et al can teach them and convert then to real (and not bookish) Orthodoxy.

Editor’s Note:

It’s time to embrace real deal Orthodoxy here in the diaspora. That means that all the “Russian Orthodox” in the diaspora have to come together as one… not spiritually… but in fact, in truth, institutionally. The Old ROCOR, MP Abroad, and the so-called OCA are rusting Cold War hulks… they’re positively dangerous now (I’d say that the so-called “Carpatho-Russians” and “Ukrainians” are part of us, as well, and need to be with us). We’re in a time of transition… the old has died, but the new hasn’t taken flesh yet. However, mark this… before we sing Christ is Risen, we sing Noble Joseph. Indeed, the singing of Noble Joseph MUST precede the singing of Christ is Risen. Today, we see the quiet of the “three days in the tomb”… but rumour has it that there’s a resurrection on offer…



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