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Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 December 2012. This is What the Rightwing Means by “Reform”… Satan Laughs

00 Begging for Their Lives. 01.12.12


The Republicans scream about “entitlements”, “welfare reform“, and “givebacks”. Note well that they don’t expect the Affluent Effluent to make any sacrifices or “give back” to society. Oh, no… the Grand Old Perverts have to protect the Willard Romneys and their bloated offshore accounts. If any of the Republican proposals bear fruit, the result will be what’s pictured in the above image. The Republicans propose to smash their heel, full force, into the faces of the weakest Americans… whilst they maniacally giggle. That’s EVIL.

Orthodox people should reflect on the fact that most of the konvertsy follow the Republican programme, not God’s programme. Come unto me, all ye that are heavily ladenChrist said that. “Don’t come unless you have enough money to tithe and have a house in the right exurban cul-de-sac“… the konvertsy say that. I think that there’s a slight difference between the two. That’s why I oppose Paffhausen, Potapov, Dreher, Mattingly, Freddie M-G, Reardon, et al… they’re soulless shills for the godless mammonocracy of the GOP. I believe that I’m not alone…




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