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Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 December 2012. You Can’t Make Shit Like This Up… Racist Stuff Like This Openly Circulates… None Dare Call it EVIL

00 The DMV. the Black Man's Revenge for Slavery.


I noticed the above abomination as I was searching for images. It’s sickening. Reflect on this… the Republican Party doesn’t condemn this shit… it encourages it. “Keep the White House white”… need I say more? The sense of aggrieved victimhood on the part of ignorant uneducated whites has to be seen to be believed. They truly believe that welfare moms drive Caddies and that black people have absolute preferment over whites in civil service jobs (those who tend to think such are generally below the norm in intelligence and education).

Orthodox people should reflect on this… all too many of the konvertsy are hardline rightwing racists at heart. Do we really need such ignorant filth amongst us? Remember, the Valley went for the President in no small part because real Orthodox people haven’t really forgotten their roots (they haven’t forgotten how the bosses kicked around Baba and Dede for the sake of filthy lucre… they haven’t forgotten those who died in the pits and at the forge as the bosses called us “lazy”, “irresponsible”, and “shiftless”). As for konvertsy, either get with the programme or get gone. The Church doesn’t need haters or greedsters…



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