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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Iran Claims it Captured US Drone

00 RQ-4A Global Hawk surveillance drone


On Tuesday, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards said that they’d captured an American drone, the third reported incident involving Iranian forces and American unmanned aircraft in the past 12 months. The Revolutionary Guard naval commander, General Ali Fadavi, told Iranian state media that the ScanEagle drone was gathering data over the Persian Gulf. However, he gave no indication of when his forces captured the drone, saying, “The American drone, which was on a reconnaissance flight gathering data over the Persian Gulf in the past few days, was captured by the Guard’s naval air defence unit as soon as it entered Iranian airspace. Such drones usually take off from large warships”. US Navy officials claimed that all their drones are accounted for.

Last month, the Pentagon said that Iranian forces fired at one of its Predator drones in international airspace. Iran said that the drone violated its airspace. The incident highlighted continuing tensions between the USA and Iran over the Islamic Republic’s disputed nuclear programme, which the West believes is aimed at creating atomic weapons. Iran says the program is civilian, aimed at energy production. In December 2011, Iran said that it’d captured a CIA spy drone that entered its airspace. Iran claimed to have extracted top-secret data from the stealth-technology equipped RQ-170 Sentinel drone.

4 December 2012



Editor’s Note:

To be clear, Iran has support from Russia and China… and these countries are monitoring the spent fuel from the Iranian reactors. The charges against Iran are lunatic rightwing moonshine from the USA and Israel, ginned up by the likes of Fox News, Bibi Netanyahu, and Rush Limboob. The American obsession with this is purely political, to assuage the ego of the Israel Lobby (such does exist… it’s one of the ugliest facets of American Jewry… and I speak as a determined foe of anti-Semitism). Besides that, the Americans have a mania with the notion that they’re invincible, and the fact that the Iranians can defeat their “advanced” technology annoys them to no end. That’s why the Iranians have such glee in making such announcements.

In short, nothing much is going to happen. It’s the same ol’ same ol’… do pass me the jug.



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