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Saturday, 8 December 2012

8 December 2012. Fun From the Russian Web. Beano, Beano, Who’s Got the Beano?

00 Chimp Fun. Gotta Stop Eatin' Those Rosalie


Refriteras, for them not “in the know”, are refried beans, a standby in Mexican/Tejano/Southwest cuisine. They’re widely-known to have very SERIOUS gastric consequences… so, don’t eat ’em unless you’re with friends and family. You’ll be rather… ahem!… musical, and rather… to put it mildly… fragrant, so, please, don’t eat ’em right before meeting the bishop (unless he’s gonna indulge, too, in that case, knock yourselves out, but I’ll be sure to be far away from the “scene of the crime”). Where did I put the Beano (that is, the American fart-suppressor, not the British kid’s comic)?




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