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Sunday, 9 December 2012

9 December 2012. Video. Sov Multifilm Мешок яблок (Meshok yablok: A Bag of Apples)

00 Meshok Yablok. A Bag of Apples. Soviet multifilm and book. 08.12.12

The plot came from a children’s book by Vladimir Suteyev (Honoured Artist of the RSFSR), who was one of the pioneer Soviet animators, along with being a children’s book author, illustrator, and director-animator.



It’s time for some good clean fun. Here’s a classic Sov multifilm (animated cartoon) from 1974. It concerns a rabbit and his bag of apples… check out the bear at four minutes in (and at the end)… do keep an eye on the crow, though. The wolf bears a STRONG resemblance to the Ну, погоди (Nu Pogodi: Just you wait!) wolf, doesn’t he? This is the usual Sov multifilm with a sweet ending and a moral to the story. “Sharing has its rewards”… you can have Western crapitalist decadence or you can have socialist morality (after all, most commies are believers and most of the Affluent Effluent aren’t)… it’s NOT an oxymoron…

Christianity is compatible with socialism and with monarchy; indeed, they’re made for one another (in fact, socialism is the only possible just social arrangement for a monarchy… the 1917 Revolution happened because the aristocracy colluded with their crapitalist pals), but Christ‘s teachings are incompatible with greedy crapitalism and bourgeois pretension. Fancy that…



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