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Sunday, 9 December 2012

9 December 2012. WARNING! Oh, the Humanity! Will the Rich Have Enough Money to Buy Politicians After the Coming Tax Increase?

01 fat cat


I saw the following on Andy Borowitz:

Introducing a new wrinkle into the already-fraught fiscal cliff showdown, a consortium of billionaires today warned that if their taxes were raised, they’d no longer have enough money to buy politicians.

Here’s the REAL reason for the Republican reluctance to raise taxes on the Affluent Effluent. As the Grasping Olde Perverts are the main beneficiaries of the oligarchs’ largesse, they fear a crimping of their lavish lifestyles and wants. That’s why they oppose taxing the rich… every dollar that’ll go to taxes won’t go in their pockets.

None dare call it hypocrisy and evil…



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