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Sunday, 16 December 2012

16 December 2012. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… “For-Fee Schools… The Shame of Russia”

00 KPRF. For-Fee Schools... The Shame of Russia. 16.12.12


This is a KPRF-led student demonstration against tuition and school fees. Let’s keep it simple… at present, the only criterion for getting into many universities and institutes (VUZs) is ability to learn, NOT ability to pay. Of course, there are those who use blat to get in, but they’d thrive in a for-pay scheme as well… perhaps, they’d do even better, sadly enough. The Western style of paying for one’s education out of one’s own pocket is a blatant attempt to keep the better venues of education solely for the Affluent Effluent (or for those judged sufficiently pliable and “thankful”). There’s no need of that in Russia. However, I think that the corner’s been turned, and Russians are sceptical of anything Western. In any case, the Church is more at ease with a Soviet-style state educational system than with an oligarch-run private educational corporation. You see, most commies are believers; most moneygrubbing zapadniki aren’t… that’s a no-brainer for the Church. Keep education open for all… that’s fair in the social sense and god-pleasing in the religious sense. As for Russian analogues of English “public schools”… the less said, the better…



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