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Sunday, 16 December 2012

16 December 2012. Fr Alexander Atty’s Condition at a Critical Juncture

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I got this intel from a Cabinet member:

Fr Atty is doing very, very poorly. They’re killing him. He stands for all that’s right in Orthodox America, and the “enemies within” despise him for exposing and reproving their works of darkness. Pray for Fr Alexander.

Another Cabinet member piped up with this:

There was a report from Fr Atty’s oncologist today… tumours in the liver, lymph nodes, and lung. He’s starting chemo with avastin next week if the bilirubin is down, it’s hoped that it’ll shrink the tumours.

Kids, we’re Christians, and that means that we pray for those in ill-health. Furthermore, we’re Orthodox Christians, so, ask your priest to pray for Fr Alexander at Proskomidi and light a candle for him yourself when you’re at liturgy. That’s what Christian people do. We don’t lecture about this or that; rather, we pray for those afflicted and visit them if we can. Let’s do what Baba and Dede would’ve done…




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