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Thursday, 20 December 2012

20 December 2012. A Quick Note… Fr Constantine at St Tikhon Monastery Injured in Fall

jenga tower falls


One of the Cabinet told me that Fr Constantine at St Tikhon Monastery in South Canaan PA took a tumble and broke a few bones. It’s not serious or life-threatening, though. Do light a candle for him when you go to liturgy this Sunday and keep him in your prayers…



Russian State to Fund Renovation of St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice (France)



The Russian state shall fund a project to renovate St Nicholas Cathedral in Nice in southern France. Construction work on the project is to start in 2013. Kremlin Property Manager Vladimir Kozhin announced the plan in Nice Wednesday at a ceremony to mark 100 years since the consecration of the Cathedral. The ceremony included a church service. Constructed under the personal supervision of Tsar St Nikolai Aleksandrovich, St Nicholas Cathedral is one of the biggest Orthodox churches in Western Europe. It attracts a quarter-million worshippers and sightseers each year.

19 December 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Thanks to the Cabinet member who tipped me off on this… I’m having a wild week at work with end-of-the-year taxes. I’m usually quite knackered by the time that I get home. Mille grazie…



20 December 2012. Some Vox Pop from CNET on Westboro Baptist’s Plans to Picket Connecticut Kids’ Funerals… Along with a thought or Two

00 John Calvin 04.12

Don’t you get tired of fundies calling themselves “Christians?” It’s time to take back the title and time to show up these jerks as the charlatans that they are. We should have nothing to do with such non-Christian elements… we should show them what REAL Christianity consists of (and it isn’t either happy-clappy ecstasies or prunish neo-Puritanism)…


Here are some thoughts from the CNET commboxes on Westboro Baptist’s plans on protesting at the kids’ funerals in Connecticut. Westboro Baptist is why we shouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with “Evangelicals” and their doings. Westboro simply takes sectarianism to its illogical extreme. The megachurches aren’t all that much different. They’re all cut from the same mouldy piece of cloth… they’re all asshats of the first degree.


Dang! I’m a Christian and I don’t agree with this group of people, Jesus didn’t send to point the finger at others, regardless of their sexuality, religion, or whatever they believe. We were sent to deliver a message, the message of salvation.


Funny thing… Westboro Baptist Church and their description of “Christian” contradict each other. I personally go to Church and am a Christian, and our response is to at LEAST pray for people who lost their close ones. Adding pain to the wounds is the most un-Christian act when it comes to the loss of a close one, which is what WBC is doing, and it’s truly disgusting. They aren’t Christians.


To put it in a literal, disgusting nutshell… according to them, their loved ones and babies are dead because God smote them due to the fact that Connecticut now allows gay marriage.


They absolutely have the right to say it. However, as has been mentioned time and again over the course of the past year, just because you CAN say it, does not mean you SHOULD say it. In addition, they aren’t spreading Christ’s message, because His message was love and tolerance, and theirs is a message of hate and discord. There’s “legal”, and, then, there’s common human decency.


I’m an elementary teacher and I’ve known about the despicable, unfathomable actions of this group for years. If this happened at my school (God help us), and they showed up… I can only imagine what would go on in our town. They deserve all that they get. I have a theory about their “leader”…sometimes, those who protest homosexuality the loudest are the furthest in the closet. Whatever their reasons, there is NO reason…


Take note of:

Sometimes, those who protest homosexuality the loudest are the furthest in the closet.

Hmm… wasn’t Paffhausen entangled for YEARS with Podmoshensky, even after Podmoshensky’s defrocking for nasty doings? If shitbirds of a feather flock together (and they do), then, it’d follow that Paffhausen shared Podmoshensky’s tastes… QED. It puts a new light on Fathausen’s caterwauling about homosexuality, doesn’t it? In addition, it makes one wonder why so many former Episkies amongst us are so hot n’ bothered over gays. As the Wikipedia article on Tom Driberg put it (a friendly MP priest put me on to this):

Francis Wheen argues, “There’d been a recognisable male homosexual subculture in the Anglo-Catholic movement since the late nineteenth century”.[136]This theme is explored in a paper by David Hilliard of Flinders University, who maintains that “the [19th century] conflict between Protestantism and Anglo-Catholicism within the Church of England was … regularly depicted by Protestant propagandists as a struggle between masculine and feminine styles of religion”.[137] Driberg throughout his life was a devout Anglo-Catholic; Wheen suggests that Evelyn Waugh, in Brideshead Revisited, may have had Driberg in mind when the novel’s protagonist Charles Ryder is warned on arrival at Oxford to “beware of Anglo-Catholics… they’re all sodomites with unpleasant accents”.[136][138]


In short, we’ve ordained one too many “High Churchers” as Orthodox priests. The stories that I hear from scandalised real Orthodox are off the wall. The most innocuous innovation is altar girls… not to mention games with the Liturgy… all in the name of “Tradition”. If Paffhausen’s a probable epicene sort, what that tell us about these gents, considering their roots? We’re going to pay a very dear price for ordaining so many of such sorts… very dear, indeed. The ethos of Westboro Baptist isn’t that far away from us… just look at Josiah Trenham, the so-called “Manton Six”, Paffhausen, and Oliver Herbel. Scary ain’t it? We CAN do something of it… but shall we?

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 20 December 2012

Albany NY 

20 December 2012. RIA-Novosti Infographics. Victims of the Apocalypse

00 RIA-Novosti Infographics. Victims of the Apocalypse. 2012


One of the more popular “apocalypses” has been the End of the World on the Mayan calendar. Not for the first time, mankind’s preparing for the end of the world. Although our planet’s still intact, apocalyptic expectations often claim real human victims. The idea of ​​the end of the Mayan calendar, or rather the end of the largest of its cycles and the consequent end of the world, appeared in 1975 in a book by American author and journalist Frank Waters, Mystery in Mexico: The Arrival of the Sixth Era of Consciousness. In it, he describes the period of the 13 largest Mayan calendar cycles as a “Mayan Great Cycle” and equated five such cycles to five eras (“Sun”), each of which was accompanied by destruction of the world and its rebirth. Later, the idea of the end of the world in 2012 appeared in the books of Terence McKenna. Proponents of the New Age movement actively developed these ideas, in this environment there were various versions of “doomsday” in 2012, which were associated not only with the culture of the Maya, but also astrological calculations. Worldwide, repeatedly, scholars reiterated with confidence… the Mayan calendar doesn’t contain any indication of the end of the world. Thus, the Ambassador of Guatemala to Russia, Herbert Estuardo Meneses Coronado, speaking in Moscow about the calendar of the ancient Mayans, assured his audience that the advent of 21 December 2012 would usher in a new era in the world, not plunge it into darkness.

19 December 2012



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