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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

25 December 2012. Sergei Yolkin’s World. Be Ready to Have a Festive New Year’s Mood!

00 Sergei Yolkin. Be Ready to Have a Festive New Year’s Mood! 2012

Be Ready to Have a Festive New Year’s Mood!

Sergei Yolkin



Firstly, that the Defence Minister is again using military rank, as in the Soviet days, means that the so-called “Serdyukov reform” is a dead duck. It means that Russia’s no longer following Western style in having a “civilian” Defence Minister… it’s gone back to the practise of tsarist and Soviet days of having a general at the head of the Minoborony. It also hints at trouble within the siloviki. On another level, Yolkin’s poking fun at “enforced gaiety”. You can’t order folks to be happy, and that’s that…


Army General Sergei Shoigu, the Defence Minister, gave instructions to the Voronezh Military Air Force Engineering University to foster a holiday spirit in the student dormitories, and, once again, drew attention to his conviction that cadets and soldiers should be able to take a shower when they want to, rather than once a week on a so-called “bath day”.

25 December 2012

Sergei Yolkin




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