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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

26 December 2012. Buzz Has It That ROCOR Shall Receive Fathausen as “Retired Bishop”

01 sweep under rug


One of the Cabinet informed me that that ROCOR invited JP into its jurisdiction with the stipulation that it’ll only accept him as a retired bishop. This is asinine… is the ROCOR Synod taking stupid pills? Fathausen is nothing but trouble… and if you combine him with Potapov, it’s a chain reaction waiting to happen. The ROCOR doesn’t need two nutty squirrel Hard Right Libertarian loons (along with their unhinged loose cannon pals such as Dreher, Reardon, and Mattingly). There’s nothing on the OCA or ROCOR websites… they’re lazy layabouts who’re off until after the New Year. This is important news. Again, the official websites are treating you like mushrooms. They’re keeping you in the dark and feeding you on shit. I’m told that Lebedeff’s bloviating on the Forum. He’d do better to shove a rocket up the collective arses of the ROCOR website staff, but he won’t… it’s sad, he’s an intelligent and competent man… but he’s also a corrupt weasel to the bone. He’s a significant part of the problem, not the solution. This is too much of a muchness. The function of an official website is to inform. Patriarchia.ru works 365 days a year, including Easter. These guys only work when the mood hits them. None dare call it arrogant condescension.

Fathausen delenda est.



Robbery at ROCOR Cathedral in LA

Transfiguration Cathedral. Los Angeles CA


Editor’s Foreword:

There is NOTHING on this on the official ROCOR main website. Yet, there are reports on several Russian sources. They had FOUR DAYS to get this news up. If this doesn’t tell you the sclerotic condition of disunited Russian Orthodoxy in the USA, nothing will (the main official ROCOR website will put up a diatribe by Potapov against a relative tout suite, but it won’t report a theft at one of its major parishes). The First Families and their claque have been parasites on the Church long enough. I’m not the only one to notice this. By the way, in related news, Little Mizz Ginny Nieuwsma is back at the OCA website now, as a flack for Lyonyo and Mollard. That’s why the news isn’t reported. Incompetents report fluff of no consequence, whilst major occurrences go unnoticed. The news is reported halfway around the world, but not in its own backyard. What’s wrong with that picture?

We need a united Russian Orthodoxy in the diaspora now. The OCA, ROCOR, and the MP Abroad have to go… if SVS and Rue Daru want to go under the Greeks, let them. Good riddance to bad rubbish…



Unknown robbers struck the Transfiguration of the Saviour Cathedral (ROCOR) in Los Angeles CA. The thieves stole many items used at services, including sacred vessels and an altar cross. On Wednesday, the official MP website reported that preliminary estimates put the cost of the stolen items at more than 50,000 USD (1.53 million Roubles. 38,000 Euros. 31,000 UK Pounds). Currently, police are investigating the crime.

26 December 2012




Thieves stole several religious items from the Transfiguration of the Saviour Cathedral (ROCOR) in Los Angeles CA. According to preliminary estimates, more than 50,000 USD worth of items were stolen. Police are investigating.

26 December 2012

Voice of Russia World Service



According to the official website of the Diocese of Western America (ROCOR), thieves robbed the Transfiguration of the Saviour Cathedral (ROCOR) in Los Angeles CA. The cathedral dean, Archpriest Alexander Lebedev, said that on Saturday night, 22 December, thieves broke into the cathedral and stole many service items, including sacred vessels and an altar cross. Preliminary estimates put the cost of the stolen items at more than 50,000 USD. Fr Alexander said that the police are conducting an investigation currently, saying, “By God’s grace, we were still able to serve Divine Liturgy in the Cathedral on Sunday morning. We ask for your prayers during this difficult time”.

26 December 2012


Official MP website



Editor’s Afterword:

How much more do you need? A major event occurs and a main website refused to post the news. Reflect on this… the webmaster accommodated Victor Potapov’s nasty outburst… but it refuses to post legit news. THAT speaks volumes… and the OCA’s website staff is just as crank. That’s a meaty bone on gnaw upon this Boxing Day


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