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Saturday, 29 December 2012

29 December 2012. Monomuckos Screws Up Again… Misattribution as to My Sources… As Per Usual

00 Voodoo Theology


Monomuckos is handing out crank intel as per usual. My “Inner Cabinet” consists of about sixteen individuals; there’s more who’re occasional informants. Their latest guess as to the source of the latest intel is wrong… not only did they get the wrong person, they got their location wrong, too. However, what can you expect from the likes of Potapov, Tosi, Dreher, and Calin? They’re shooting in the dark… they’re wanking you and you shouldn’t fall for it. They want to screw, stew, and tattoo you, and they’re pissed off because we’re on to their sleazy game. Keep smilin’… that’s what really riles ’em. They think that if they make a loud noise and stamp their feet, everyone will cower in fear. Don’t do it… that’s what’ll truly fry their ice but good. Remember, most of the Monomuckos crowd are ignorant Episkies pretending to be Orthodox (“Continuing Anglicans” with an “Eastern” tick)… you can’t take such seriously (they don’t know the actual truth, and, what’s worse, they don’t want to know it).

You’d be surprised who’s giving me the straight stuff. As Bob Czech said many moons ago… “If the harpoon hadn’t sunk deep, they wouldn’t be shouting so loud”. They’re scared of their own shadows, kids… don’t let them scare you. They can’t shoot you… all that they can do is make faces and call names… I think that most of us are above all that juvenile shit, aren’t we? Pass the jug and cheer… this is a GOOD sign.




29 December 2012. IOCC Goes to the White House… Nothing Posted on oca.org Even Though One of the Participants Was From St Fagomir’s in Yonkers

00 IOCC Meeting in DC. 29.12.12

Image in original low resolution… note well that it wasn’t a largish affair… nonetheless, it occurred. It’s a pie in the face to the DC cabal of Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, JP, and Mattingly… none of them were invited (or wanted). 


Read this. Read it? Good! Let’s get down to business here. There were NO OCA bishops present, although the new Greek carpetbagger ACROD bishop was at this Dixie Fry. OK, it didn’t happen at the White House; it happened at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. That’s the Greeks for you, always puffing things up a little more than they should be. However, this was a lovefeast between the EP (for the IOCC is a creature of the EP… there’s no such thing as a “pan-Orthodox” agency… that’s simply not true) and the present centrist Obama Administration. It shot the entire thesis of the more wild n’ woolly konvertsy all to hell. The only named OCA person at the event was from SVS… that means that if the OCA goes down, SVS will be traitors and jump to the EP, rather than to the Mother Church (does that mean that Dahulich and Moriak will do likewise, attempt to backstab us, and try to take their dioceses with them? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…).

One of the Cabinet whispered:

I wonder how the rightwing convert trash will spin this?

Indeed. They who laugh last, laugh best…


29 December 2012. The Conversation on JP Rolls Ever Onward…

MFP Image Format


We ought to attend to our people’s needs, not do what we’re doing now.

Viktor Chernomyrdin

It ain’t over till it’s over.

Yogi Berra


Here’s what one Cabinet member said:

Let’s all hope that IF JP does go to the ROCOR, he and his disciples will stop playing the martyr game, which we all know that he took out of Gleb Podmoshensky’s handbook…

I replied:

After all, JP was GP’s main disciple… but do look at the good side of it all. Brum and Eliel will never become bishops.

That elicited:

Ha, ha, ha… really… now, THAT would’ve been a disaster!

Another one of the old sweats opined:

Why does he deserve a big settlement? He resigned! He was incompetent and he resigned! None of us would get a big settlement if we resigned our jobs. Let him go though, let him go, and, then, see what happens. He’ll mess up… he’s very conflicted and he’ll mess up. I do wish the Monomoron crowd would wake up… the gay rumours will be his downfall…

In short, the situation is far from over, it’s very much in flux and by no means set in stone yet. The ROCOR hasn’t accepted El Gordo. The OCA Holy Synod hasn’t issued Fathausen a canonical release, nor is there any solid information (or even top-shelf leaked rumour) that they are going to or have done so. There’s NO final settlement on Fathausen’s demands in re financial matters. The OCA Holy Synod would do well to give him NOTHING. There are no legal grounds, as Fathausen didn’t have a contract, either implied or written.

Indeed, it was an “at will employment” situation, so, JP should accept his comeuppance, as his rightwing pals say that’s the only thing that all employees deserve (after all, JP spoke at the Far Right American Enterprise Institute, he should accept the consequences of his profession of “economic freedom”)… why is he special? Is it because he comes from a pampered upper-middle milieu? Is it because he was an ordinary monk for only one year before becoming an “abbot?” Is it because he’s special because he’s part of the K Street parasite crowd?

Nevertheless, there was NO contract… therefore, the OCA Holy Synod should give him a swift kick in the arse for arrogance and cheek. I know that Bishop Mel would LOVE to do precisely that, but Peterson and Dahulich may yet throw a spanner into the works. Peterson would do so to hide his spotty past; Dahulich would join in out of overweening ambition (don’t forget… Dahulich and Nicholas Smisko had a real knock down-drag out brawl… watch your back around Dahulich). Liolin’s sick… Mollard’s a ditherer… Moriak’s spoilt goods… Maymon’s a joke.

It’ll all depend on the three real bishops… and on which of the two sides represented by them the bovine majority of the Holy Synod will choose to follow. That’s still up in the air… it’ll depend on where Lyonyo and Bobby land (both have more clout than any bishop has, unfortunately)… and that’s by no means certain (Bobby could support Mel just to fuck up Lyonyo… that’s how things happen in the real world).

Let’s look at two more quotes from Chernomyrdin and the Yog:

We wanted the best outcome, but it turned out as it always does.

Viktor Chernomyrdin

If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there.

Yogi Berra

The OCA Holy Synod’s a headless chicken careering about the farmyard, spraying all and sundry with blood n’ gore. As they don’t know where they’re going, they’re not going to get anywhere. They didn’t want the “best outcome”, so, it turned out worse than it always does. If this isn’t proof that the Russian Orthodox in this country need and want UNITY under the Mother Church, well, I can’t help you.

We can afford no more James Paffhausens… and that’s all that there’s to say on it…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 29 December 2012

Albany NY 


Consider No-Fat, and Watch the Levels!

00 Sergei Yolkin. Consider No-Fat, and Watch the Levels! 2012

Consider No-Fat, and Watch the Levels!

Sergei Yolkin



This is another multilayered Yolkin pun. What levels should we watch? Hmm… here are three:

  • The level of fat in salad dressing
  • The level of eating at holiday parties
  • The level of drinking at holiday parties

The “40 degrees” on the scale is Celsius, of course, which translates out to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. One should eat the steamed buckwheat kasha referenced below at that temp.



For New Year celebrations, doctors recommend that you shouldn’t pig out at holiday festivities, that you should replace mayonnaise in salads with lower-caloric lesser-fat-content dressings, and that you should eat two spoons of steamed buckwheat kasha before drinking alcoholic beverages.

28 December 2012

Sergei Yolkin



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