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Saturday, 29 December 2012

29 December 2012. Monomuckos Screws Up Again… Misattribution as to My Sources… As Per Usual

00 Voodoo Theology


Monomuckos is handing out crank intel as per usual. My “Inner Cabinet” consists of about sixteen individuals; there’s more who’re occasional informants. Their latest guess as to the source of the latest intel is wrong… not only did they get the wrong person, they got their location wrong, too. However, what can you expect from the likes of Potapov, Tosi, Dreher, and Calin? They’re shooting in the dark… they’re wanking you and you shouldn’t fall for it. They want to screw, stew, and tattoo you, and they’re pissed off because we’re on to their sleazy game. Keep smilin’… that’s what really riles ’em. They think that if they make a loud noise and stamp their feet, everyone will cower in fear. Don’t do it… that’s what’ll truly fry their ice but good. Remember, most of the Monomuckos crowd are ignorant Episkies pretending to be Orthodox (“Continuing Anglicans” with an “Eastern” tick)… you can’t take such seriously (they don’t know the actual truth, and, what’s worse, they don’t want to know it).

You’d be surprised who’s giving me the straight stuff. As Bob Czech said many moons ago… “If the harpoon hadn’t sunk deep, they wouldn’t be shouting so loud”. They’re scared of their own shadows, kids… don’t let them scare you. They can’t shoot you… all that they can do is make faces and call names… I think that most of us are above all that juvenile shit, aren’t we? Pass the jug and cheer… this is a GOOD sign.



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