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Sunday, 30 December 2012

30 December 2012. Denise Would’ve Been 56 Today… I Find the Loss Still Hurts…

svecha pamyati candle of memory

The above says, Cвеча память (Svecha pamyat: Candle of Memory)…


John Tavener’s setting of Eternal Memory for cello and strings…


My friend Denise would’ve been 56 today if uterine cancer hadn’t carried her off some two years ago (3 January 2011). I find that the loss is still there… not as sharp, of course, but still there. You never forget those who stretched out a hand to you when all others turned their backs. I know how nasty people can be… and how good they can be, too. I miss her…

Вечная память

Light a candle for Denise and Jerome (her husband, who passed six months later of a broken heart) at liturgy when you go next, please. Thank you…



30 December 2012. Home Truths From a Priest in the Rodina

00 Buddha Quote. 07.12


This is from an MP archpriest in the Western Ukraine:

I was disgusted to hear of your “noble” priest’s mouthing of dirty White Guard propaganda. I could vomit! This is a good example of why many of us have issues with the ROCOR being included again in the Orthodox Church. Ask that prince what WORK his family did to allow them to live in luxury… in palaces, with titles, and with balls and festivals. Ask him why his fathers lived in laziness whilst mine slaved in fields and mines, and why his lived off us. Ask him where the money that WE produced went! More than likely, it went to his grandfathers and their lazy families… and their prostitutes and perversions.

I’m so sick already of how American, Australian, and Canadian clergy judge us. They want to tell us about our Lenin, and about what we “must” do to be “good Orthodox Russians”. To them, we are forever SOVIETS! They must be quiet! Silence them! These criminals and prostitutes of Hitler betrayed our Russia. We should spit on them still! Vlasov was and is a traitor! We’re sick of them; they set fire to Russia, and, then, ran away to America and France, telling us what to do. Filthy! I almost hate them. They helped to destroy our dear Soviet Union, so, now, we all suffer under all this new criminal régime, but those who live abroad praise it. I’m sorry, but I do despise them. I hope we’ll soon have our USSR again, god willing!

Today, we have poverty, people without homes, dirty filthy rich parasites, whores, gays, drugs trade, pornography, sexualised children, racists, and all manner of dirty and deathly crime… thank you, ROCOR whites! Thank you! Before, we had a good life and peace. Now, you “corrected” this. Thanks to you! I’m Soviet forever! Please, know that I pray for you at the Holy Table, but I only tolerate your priests and church. Forgive me for speaking out!


This was from a priest in the Western Ukraine. When you support Victor Potapov, you spit on him. When you support James Paffhausen, you spit on him. When you support Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, or Terrence Mattingly, you spit on him.

You can stand with REAL Orthodox Christians such as HH, Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, and this anonymous priest (I removed all traces of his contact information), or you can stand  with phonies like the White Guard ROCOR fanatics (many ended by working for the American special services), the SVS/St Sergius loons, and the konvertsy meatheads. That’s your Real World choice; that’s what on offer, for there’s nothing else.

Not all White émigrés are nasty… not everybody at SVS and the Paris Exarchate are heretics… not all converts are self-centred ignoramuses… but all too many are. You know that I have the habit of speaking the truth. This is one such time. Compare what this confessor archpriest said to the dreck issued by the ROCOR recently. I have much respect for the ROCOR, but I shan’t be silent in the face of arrant falsehood and subservience to the Western powers-that-be. That’s Sergianism (sucking up to the godless powers-that-be) of the vilest sort.

In the late 90s, Victor Potapov showered all sort of lies on the head of His Holiness Patriarch Aleksei Ridiger when Aleksei was at Georgetown University to receive an honorary degree. Today, he’s the centre of a Far Right cabal that mouths loyalty to the Centre, but it’s actually in the thrall of the worst elements in the American political apparat. It’s apparent that all too many haven’t changed their spots. They’re more apologists for Western crapitalism than they’re Partisans of Christ. That’s especially true of the clergy and laity who take Uncle Sugar’s shilling (and there’s more than one of those). Hmm… that includes Potapov, Freddie M-G, and Alexander Webster, and that’s not exhaustive… Dreher and Mattingly are stink-tankers, that makes them K Street parasites; that’s the same as sucking on Uncle Sugar’s tit.

Note well how some loud sorts are either dependent on Western government monies or they’re of the Affluent Effluent. I think that I’m not the only one to have noticed this. Nevertheless, there are only two real choices… Christ and the Mother Church… Mammon and the Godless West. That’s it; there’s nothing else out there. There’s no such thing as “American Orthodoxy” or “Western Orthodoxy”… there’s no historical grounding for either contention. Your choice is stark… stand with the Mother Church or stand with Mammon. You know what Our Lord Christ said on that.

I’ve chosen. I don’t need to tell you where I stand. Now, you must do likewise… for the times demand it. If you do nothing, that’s a choice, and the deluge will roll over you, regardless of your “neutrality”. So, choose well. God be with you…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 30 December 2012

Albany NY

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