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Sunday, 30 December 2012

30 December 2012. Denise Would’ve Been 56 Today… I Find the Loss Still Hurts…

svecha pamyati candle of memory

The above says, Cвеча память (Svecha pamyat: Candle of Memory)…


John Tavener’s setting of Eternal Memory for cello and strings…


My friend Denise would’ve been 56 today if uterine cancer hadn’t carried her off some two years ago (3 January 2011). I find that the loss is still there… not as sharp, of course, but still there. You never forget those who stretched out a hand to you when all others turned their backs. I know how nasty people can be… and how good they can be, too. I miss her…

Вечная память

Light a candle for Denise and Jerome (her husband, who passed six months later of a broken heart) at liturgy when you go next, please. Thank you…


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