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Monday, 31 December 2012

31 December 2012. VOR Presents… Russia’s Main Holiday Tree Ready for New Year and Christmas Celebrations

00a Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


00b Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


00c Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


00d Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


00e Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


00f Kremlin Holiday Tree. 31.12.12


The property managers of the Moscow Kremlin installed and decorated a 30-metre-tall (@100-feet-tall) spruce as the city’s main outdoor New Year and Christmas tree. The decorations include almost 4,000 tinsel items and 4,500 energy-saving light bulbs. There’s also an indoor holiday tree, installed in the State Kremlin Palace, which is going to host children’s parties. The first party will be on Tuesday 25 December for kids from large families, orphanages, and winners of contests from all over Russia.

24 December 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

No, it isn’t a “Christmas Tree”… it’s a “Holiday Tree”, as it’s for both Christmas and the New Year. It’s a tree for all Muscovites and all Russians, of all nationalities and all beliefs (including secularism). In any case, trees aren’t “native” to Orthodoxy… they came in with the Germans in the 18th century. Lighten up… it’s not an assault on Christianity. There ARE secular holidays, after all… and we should enjoy them.


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