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Monday, 31 December 2012

Kremlin: 1 August to be Russia’s World War I Remembrance Day

00.01 Unknown Artist. War Loan. The Purpose of the Loan is to Speed Victory Over the Enemy. 1914-17

War Loan: The Purpose of the Loan is to Speed Victory Over the Enemy

Unknown Artist

circa 1914-17


On Monday, the Kremlin Press Service announced Russia would remember its soldiers who fell during the First World War on 1 August every year forthcoming, saying, “The following changes were introduced to the Federal Law on Days of Military Glory and Remembrance Days in Russia, adding 1 August as the Day of Remembrance for Russian soldiers who fell in the First World War of 1914-1918”. President Putin suggested creating a memorial to the Russian soldiers who fought in World War I during his State of the Nation Address of 12 December.

Allied to Britain and France in that conflict, according to the history site firstworldwar.com, Russia is thought to have lost about 1.5 million soldiers at the front, with about 5 million wounded, although some historians question these figures. The USSR downplayed Russia’s participation in World War I, largely due to the Bolshevik view of it as an “imperialist war” that paved the way for revolution.

Speaking with young Russians at the Seliger youth camp in July 2012, President Putin raised the issue of Russia’s role in World War I, and blamed the Bolsheviks for how Russia left the war, saying, “It’s also known that the Bolsheviks wished for the defeat of their own nation in World War I. Overall, I must say that their input in Russia’s defeat was commensurate”. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, signed between Bolshevik Russia, the German Empire, Austria Hungary, Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire on 3 March 1918, officially terminated Russia’s involvement in World War I. Putin said, “This was an astonishing situation, wherein Germany surrendered to the Allies, but Russia lost to the defeated nation, Germany, and with such grave consequences… losing enormous territories and suffering other truly severe ramifications. This is truly a unique large-scale example of national treachery!”

31 December 2012



Editor’s Note:

What President Putin proposes is NOT what White Guard elements in the ROCOR want. They want to erase the Soviet past completely… as too many of them are of families that collaborated with the Nazis in World War II. Besides that, many descend from bourgeois and aristocratic elements that benefited greatly from the state crapitalism of the tsarist state (which led directly to the ferment that brought on the 1917 events). Not everything in the USSR was wicked… not everything in tsarist Russia was good. Any reasonable person can see that… the ROCOR bishop’s anti-leftist letter of 14 December 2012 is crank to the bone and has Victor Potapov’s fingerprints all over it.

No one dare mention Guantánamo, drone attacks on civilians, or the massive rape of America by soulless money-grubbing oligarchs such as Willard Romney (he sent American jobs to China in the midst of his election campaign… what hubris and arrogance). If you condemn Lenin, you must condemn the contemporary Republican Party… Lenin bowed in front of History… but the Republicans bow in front of the Almighty Dollar. I’ll say this… Lenin was a personally-modest man who didn’t steal from the state. That’s NOT true of the “conservatives” in the West is it?

The ROCOR bishops are utterly in the wrong here. They are right in many things, but they’re hopelessly WRONG in this. Remember how they lied how they “were in touch with the catacomb church” in the 60s and 70s? Remember how Jordanville stabbed the rodina in the back in the 90s (“The communists are still in charge! We can have nothing to do with the MP!”)? Remember how Vitaly Ustinov established ROCOR parishes in Russia and ordained questionable sorts to run them? Remember how the ROCOR put forward such creeps as Varnava Prokofiev, Agafangel Pashkovsky, and Valentin Rusantsov (and then had to shitcan them when they buzzed off into schism)? This is cut from the same bolt of cheesy cloth. The sooner that we clean house of some elements, the better. The new broom will start sweeping up the trash after Hilarion Kapral’s death… ponder that, if you will.

Anyone who wishes to erase ANY part of our history is EVIL… where we did right, we did right; where we did wrong, we did wrong. The latter has to be kept in place… otherwise, we learn no lessons from it. That’s why the current campaign to stuff history down the memory hole in the OCA and the ROCOR has to be fought with all our powers. If the bastards win, we not only lose our past, we lose our future, too. That’s a meaty bone to chew upon…



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