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Thursday, 3 January 2013

3 January 2013. Ray Velencia’s Lawsuit Against Mike Regan Quashed… For Now



Sir Ray received a blow on 13 December. The court dismissed his suit against Mark Stokoe and Fr Michael Regan for lack of jurisdiction, etc. Unfortunately, the dismissal was without prejudice, which means that he can refile if he can fix the defects, and he can always appeal the ruling, but it means he’s lost momentum, and he’ll have to spend much more money. Besides all that, Howard Needle, his attorney, may well decide that it’s time to stop milking this particular cow. He didn’t take the case on contingency, as is usual in such cases; he demanded that Sir Ray pay as he went… that tells me that Needle didn’t think much of Sir Ray’s chances. Now, that Ray’s protector JP is out of the mix, well, that means that Ray’s all alone. I don’t think that Bobby wants to get entangled further in this mess and I don’t think that any other potential sugar daddy wants to keep funding a loser. God willing, Mike Regan’s out of the woods. After all, the very thought of a suspended clergyman suing a clergyman in good standing in a court of law without putting it before the Holy Synod first is obscene and beyond the pale. Mike Regan deserves an apology from the Synod… Ray Velencia deserves deposition… don’t hold your breath…




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