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Saturday, 5 January 2013

5 January 2013. President Raúl Modesto Castro Ruz in Moscow. It’s NOT What the Rightwingers in Our Church Want… THEY Support the Godless West

00 Raul Castro. Moscow. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 11.07.12. 05.01.13


04 Raul Castro with Patriarch Kirill


01 His Holiness Patriarch Kirill with Cuban Ambassador and Cuban MDs


There are all too many in the OCA and ROCOR who support lunatic Far Right elements. Most are konvertsy, but some are from DP families, who were Nazi collaborators during the VOV. Look at the above… HH approves of Socialist Cuba; indeed, he met with Señor Castro when he was in Moscow in July 2012, for they’re on quite friendly terms.

Let’s keep it simple. HH demands that the USA lift its embargo on Cuba NOW. That’s not what Paffahusen and Potapov want… they support the most rabid Far Right nutters in the District. That’s why you must be careful of what you read on the official ROCOR website. It appears that Potapov’s clique has taken control of it, and it tries to present Hard Right slobbering as the truth. Don’t fall for it. Look at the above images and know that the truth is different than what that website presents. I think that Hilarion Kapral’s not well, certainly, he looks wretched in recent images… ergo, the mice are playing. The four nasties in this little play are the Blunder, Tikhon Shevkunov, Potapov, and Paffhausen. That’s why the ROCOR should exile JP from the District if they actually take him in (a VERY unwise move, I’d say)… he’d work against HH in concert with Potapov.

HH NEVER meets with rightwing slimers such as Willard Romney or Mikhail Prokhorov. HH does NOT support the moneygrubbing antics found in American suburbia… unfortunately, all too many of our clerics here have sold out for a mess of pottage. HH supports the social safety net; he condemns the greedsters who want to rip it apart due to their voracious avarice. Above all, he does NOT support the American rightwing assault on universal healthcare. He’s met with Cuban healthcare professionals and given them his blessing (see the third image above). We should do likewise. There’s crook propaganda being served up on the ROCOR website… reject it. There’s good stuff too, but there’s nasty rightwing lies there, and you must not only reject them, you must oppose them publicly. HH would be proud of you if you did so.

It’s not very nice, is it? Well, reality’s like that. Read n’ heed, kids. There be dragons out there. I can prove my point with images from the Centre… Paffhausen, Mattingly, Dreher, and Potapov can’t. Who do you think is telling you the straight story?



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