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Sunday, 6 January 2013

6 January 2013. “Orthodox Celts”… Are They Serbs? Are They Irish? Who Cares! They’re a Ton o’ Fun… Pass the Jug!

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00 Orthodox Celts. 06.01.13





I kid you not… “Orthodox Celts“… Serbs singing Irish music. Hey, live n’ learn! Pass the jug and cheer!



6 January 2013. Christmas Appeal of KPRF Chairman G A Zyuganov

00 Fedoskino Palekh box. Christmas. 06.01.13


Dear compatriots, friends, comrades!

In these days filled with bright joy and hope, I want to appeal to all those who cherish the ideals of goodness and justice, of equity and compassion. This celebration, symbolising the harmony of all life on Earth, brings forth the highest aspirations of humanity; we come closer to each other, ignoring the distances between us, ignoring all boundaries and differences. After all, Christmas Eve gives us another opportunity to think about our lives and affairs in the face of eternal truths and aspirations.

As it was two thousand years ago, in this holiday season, we turn our hearts and thoughts to those who are dearest to us… our parents, our children, our families. Christmas is a family holiday. The family is the sheet-anchor of society… its spiritual power and its blood integrate the past and the future, in birth and continuity, in hope and joy. Our Motherland is one large family, and its troubles and the destruction of its means have led to bitterness, greed, cruelty, and cold insensitivity.

On this radiant and joyous folk holiday, I wish that all the dreams of our children, from infants through youth, find fulfilment, that all women experience the joy of motherhood, and I hope that all men would be defenders of the Motherland and their homes. According to our traditional precepts, we urge everyone to do whatever that they can for our children, to share with the broken and disadvantaged, to protect the weak and the wronged, to rebel against injustice and malice.

This is the main spiritual prop of society. We should work for a change for the better every single day. Then, our orphans would find a family and comfort in their own Motherland, the robbed and deceived would find the restoration of justice and a warm home, those aspiring to knowledge would find access to education and science, and all of us together would find pride and joy in the revival of the Motherland. Our guiding principle has always been the belief that life can and must change for the better, that we can usher in a new era, an era of mercy, justice, and spirituality. We communists have always worked hard to achieve this, and we shall continue to work hard to achieve this. I hope that all of you have great joy, good health, and the fulfilment of your aspirations!

To the Nativity of Christ!

01 Gennady Zyuganov6 January 2013

Gennady Zyuganov

Head of the KPRF faction in the RF Gosduma

Chairman of the Central Committee of the KPRF


Official Website KPRF



6 January 2013. Video. Кубанским Казакам Посвящается: Kuban Cossack Tribute

cossacks for christ



There are people such as Rod Dreher who mock the descendants of the Cossacks here in the USA. I beg to differ. In any case, Sir Roddy changes his opinion faster than most people change their gotchies. To think that the konvertsy fall all over him… well, here are my heroes, and I don’t give a good god-damn what Rod Dreher thinks of them. Whom would YOU want at your back… a true-blue Cossack or a snivelling unsteady toddler like Rod Dreher? I knew that wasn’t a hard one, hon…

The music is by the Kuban Cossack Chorus.


6 January 2013. Video. A Serbian-American Send-Up… The Twelve Days of Božic

01i Bagpipes serbian gaide



Here’s a Serb take on The Twelve Days of Christmas… The Twelve Days of Božic… SMILE… and pass that jug!


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