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Monday, 14 January 2013

14 January 2013. Ho, Hum… oca.org Tanks Again… No Mention of Lyonyo’s Mother’s Passing



A friend of mine sent me the news about Lyonyo’s mother passing ten hours ago. I just posted it, as I had a busy day at work and met some friends at Barnes & Noble afterwards for coffee and a chat. This is a newsy item… and Lil’ Mizz Ginny was her usual incompetent self. Yes, kids, oca.org was its usual hutsky-klutsky self. There was something up about a crackbrained Proddie “Festival of Young Preachers” that St Fagomir’s was involved with, but nothing about this death, which is of interest to the Church, as the Kishkovsky family is one of the First Families. Ya heard it here first, as always. If I ran that site, it’d be run like patriarchia.ru… but I’d also kick out drooling heretics like Breck and Jillions and keep the nutty squirrel St Fagomir’s lot muzzled, so, I’m never going to have the chance. Why doesn’t this incompetence surprise anyone? Who’s been in charge at the TOC for years? Hmm… I think we all know who…



14 January 2013. Lyonyo Kishkovsky’s Mother Passes… Вечная память

00 Requiescat in Pace. 19.11.12


Sophia Ulitin, Leonid Kishkovsky’s mother, died last night at Glen Cove Hospital. Her death took place a few hours after her admittance to the Emergency Room.  As always, decent well-brought-up people suspend hostilities for the period of mourning (that is, until after the burial). We’re Christians… light a candle and say a prayer for her, please.

Вечная память…

we know not the time nor the hour.


13 January 2013. It’s Old New Year’s Eve



Belarusians shall celebrate the Old New Year. The tradition of observing Old New Year appeared in 1918, when the new calendar was introduced in Russia. The difference between the two styles was 13 days. This tradition is also observed in Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Click on the first URL below for a 36-second video (on the page presented, click on “watch”, it’ll download… and you can play it, and, then, delete it). Even if you don’t know Russian, it has good visuals.

In the evening of 13/14 January people will celebrate the Old New Year by singing shchedrivky. On this day, people gather as family, cover the table with a generous variety of food, and go carolling. What else does one need to do to ensure success for the whole year? Our correspondents visited a rehearsal of the celebration at the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life for the Svyatki (Holy Days). It was at a typical village house, typical of those found in Kopyl Raion, showcasing the traditional rituals of the Christmas period. One of the customs was that you’d try to “steal” your neighbour’s decorations, but, of course, you’d have to return them the next morning. It was believed that if the person who stole them wasn’t caught, they’d have good luck on their farm for the next year. Only here, in the open-air museum by village Ozertso, can you witness a folklore festival and learn how our ancestors celebrated prosperity and success in the New Year. The organisers invited groups from all parts of Belarus. One, from the north, in Lepel Raion, another, from the south, was the ensemble Chornabrytsy. Many in  the crowd warmed up dancing and singing, whilst others learned the basics of making Christmas stars, and one did a little Christmas goat… a good luck charm. From now on, for the rest of the week, the museum will present carolling with shchedrivki. Click on the second URL to download a three-minute video with interesting visuals. By the way, notice that the people are singing songs claimed by Ukie nationalists… NEVER argue with such sorts… it’s not only pointless, they use such arguments to accuse YOU of “hate speech” (what a laugh)… take that threat seriously, these people aren’t wrapped too tightly and they’re fanatics.

For the twelfth year, the Minsk House of Mercy brought together residents and visitors for a Christmas pageant. On Old New Year’s Eve, Ded Moroz is once again in the spotlight. He showed up at the House of Mercy on Frantsiska Skorina Street. Ded Moroz and Snegurochka flew in by helicopter; his landing was the highpoint of the celebration. Joyful kids met the magician after his voyage. Archpriest Fyodor Karpov, the rector of All Saints Chapel at the House of Mercy said that families coming to the House of Mercy for this pageant have started a good tradition. After all, spirituality in the family is the key to its well-being; by the way, I think that most would agree that’s the point of the holiday. Click on the third URL to download a three-minute video with good visuals.

This is how “nasty” and “dictatorial” Belarus keeps the feast. C’mon… aren’t most of you ashamed of supporting those who hate them? It’s clear that Belarus isn’t Hell on Earth… it isn’t the Lap of Luxury, either, but it isn’t the cesspit depicted by the Western media and some Western political factions. They DO have a noxious, put-on, and deceitful agenda, after all (amply illustrated by the likes of Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, and Freddie M-G, amongst others)…

13 January 2013





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