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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

16 January 2013. Say “Thank You” Before It’s Too Late…

00 Say Thank You Before It's Too Late. 16.01.2013


Recently, one of the Cabinet told me about the passing of a relative who’d fought in the VOV with the RKKF. His ship was torpedoed and he spent 24 hours clinging to wreckage in the sea until another Red warship picked him out of the water. This wasn’t an untypical story… it was repeated thousands of times… on many fields, on many seas, in the sky over many lands. Literally, we owe our comfortable lives to those who fought in the Anti-Hitler Coalition. Whether it was in the British, American, Soviet, Chinese, or other Allied forces, they fought objective and demonstrative evil. Thank them before it’s too late to do so… they made our world possible.

To the living victors… вечная слава!

To the victors who’ve passed… вечная память!

Not one of them is forgotten… nothing of their deeds is forgotten. 

Thank you…




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