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Friday, 18 January 2013

18 January 2013. Trouble in Paradise… Or, Orange County Fun and Follies



I got this from several Cabinet members:

Dear brothers and sisters,

I want to bring to your attention the true situation about rumours in circulation that assert that “Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov blessed” the opening of a new church in Orange County, allegedly directly subordinate to the Patriarch of Moscow. This is pure spam and malicious misinformation coming from certain, shall we say, foes of the Russian Orthodox Church, in particular the parish of St Barbara in Irvine CA, it’s knowingly false and untrue!

In November 2012, Fr Alexander Lebedeff was in Moscow and personally asked if Archimandrite Tikhon had given such a blessing? To which, of course, Archimandrite Tikhon answered, “No”. He went on to say that, in actuality, he wouldn’t be able to give a blessing for the opening of a new parish in Orange County, as he was only an archimandrite, not a ruling diocesan ordinary, and, in any case, such a blessing would be illicit without the blessing of Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev. Furthermore, he explained that even if he were a bishop, the canons would prohibit him to bless such a proceeding on the canonical territory of another diocese, especially in the case of the ROCOR, which is under the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias. Moreover, to do so (to give a blessing to an endeavour in another bishop’s diocese) is categorically impossible in the normal course of events under the canons without the consent of the ruling bishop of the diocese, in this case, His Eminence Kirill Dmitrieff, Archbishop of San Francisco and Western America.

It’s time to disprove these rumours; they evidence an elementary misconstruction of canonical order as it exists in the Russian Orthodox Church, indeed, as it exists in any canonical Local Church. Therefore, consider these things!

With love in Christ,

Fr Georgi Gulin

Rector of the Parish of St Barbara, Irvine CA


I ask you to send this on to as many people as you know so that everyone in Orange County would know the truth of this matter!


Why, then, does the OCA official website list Georgi Gulin as assigned to St Nicholas Cathedral in the District? He’s from Russia, but multiple sources tell me that he came on the Orange County scene when Fathausen was OCA First Hierarch… is he is a cleric of the MP, OCA, or ROCOR? Will the real Georgi Gulin please stand up? I checked the parish website and oca.org myself, and I found that the e-mail address listed for Georgi Gulin in both places was identical… ergo, it’s the same guy. Busted! This is passing strange… and perspirin’ minds wanna know…



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