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Monday, 21 January 2013

21 January 2013. Michalopoulos and the Monomuckos Cretins Step in a Gigantic Cow Pat, Yet Again… They Get Fathausen Saga in District All Wrong

01k Kirill and JP Epiphany

Here’s what HH thinks of El Gordo… he hasn’t changed his opinion… nor is he going to (nor has Bishop Mel, for that matter, he has the Centre’s nod, dontcha know)…


If you’re interested, the original is here. This is ignorant and unfounded rubbish from stem to stern, top to bottom, and 100 pure and unalloyed. For about a month now, everybody who knows anything about Russian Orthodox buzz knows that the Centre’s taken over the Fathausen saga. Trust me, EVERYBODY knows it… it’s old news… it’s no surprise to anybody. However, George Michalopoulos and the full-nappy set at Monomuckos don’t seem to know a thing about that. This means that they don’t know jack-shit about Russian Orthodoxy (either here or in the Rodina), which shows you that these toddlers are completely crackbrained, bonkers, and droolingly-boorish.

For all the human beings out there, since late December, the case has been at the Centre for vetting. In particular, it means that the Secretariat under Mark Golovkov is going to rule on it. He’s in charge of MP affairs outside of the CIS, and the ROCOR is part of that, it’s NOT an independent candy-store anymore. Firstly, nothing of importance was going to get settled until after the New Year’s Holiday, which ended on 9 January this year. On top of that, no major Church business was going to get squared away until after Orthodox Epiphany (Nibs has been busy with services, pastoral visitations, and holiday events… the Patriarchal Yolka for orphans and poor kids is a more pressing affair than Fathausen’s fate).

In short, the complete Monomuckos bloviation was utter garbage, bullshit of the worst sort, and those who take credence in it are juvenile asshats. The only people pushing for El Gordo at the Centre are the Blunder and Tikhon Shevkunov, and Potapov’s JP’s main ROCOR sugar daddy (don’t forget, Potapov introduced JP to all the Far Right Nutter circles in the District). This doesn’t augur well for JP.

At present, relations between the USA and the Centre are in the toilet (on a good day). Shevkunov’s lost a good deal of his blat and traction, as he’s too close to the pro-Western oligarch set. The Blunder’s been lying doggo lately… he’s not well-favoured or liked, and he knows it. Potapov is too deeply-enmeshed with Langley (he does (or did) work for the BBG, after all) to be trusted, as an MP priest told me, “The SVR knows all about Potapov and his ties. He’s no danger to us”.

In short, the fact that this has gone on for the length of time that it has shows that JP’s a minor and laughable figure. As for the OCA Holy Synod granting him a canonical release… if these children asked a real canonist (as I did), they’d know that no release is given until a clergyman has a particular place to go. That is, Fatty doesn’t have a destination, ergo, the OCA Holy Synod not only won’t give him a release, it CAN’T. It shows you the depth of the ignorance of the Monomuckos lot, doesn’t it?

Every time that I deal with Monomuckos, I feel like I’m manipulating a plumber’s helper up and down to alleviate a jam. We all know what usually jams up a commode… it’s no different, here. Oh, well… as Baby Plucky said, Monomuckos go down the hoooOOolleoh-h-h-h…

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Monday 21 January 2013

Albany NY


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