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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22 January 2013. Monomuckos Lies About Fatty Yet Again

pig wrestling

Don’t argue with the Monomuckos toddlers… it’s pig rasslin’ of the most pointless and idiotic kind. Let them be… all that they can do is make faces and make a lotta noise… furthermore, they ENJOY such schmutz… don’t feed the animals, be an adult and have a drink. 


Firstly, here’s where the Monomuckos BS is. Its utter bullshit from stem to stern. I was informed in late December that the Centre had to rule on Fatso’s admission to the ROCOR, as the ROCOR is an integral part of the MP. Victor Potapov knows this… he’s an old-school First Family apparatchik, after all. He’s asking for money under false pretences. He’s NOT telling you that the holdup is due to the Centre considering the case… he’s having his minion, one “Evanisko”, claim that the OCA Holy Synod is the bottleneck (that’s clever… he’s giving himself beaucoup deniability). The OCA has NOTHING to do with this. As the ROCOR is MP, but outside the traditional canonical territory of the MP (the old USSR, in essence), it falls under the Secretariat, which is under Archbishop Mark Golovkov (a kinsman of HH, and FAR more powerful than either the Blunder or Victor Potapov is). That is, the delay is due to the Centre being reluctant to accept this jabronie… it can see that he’s “trouble on stilts”.

Let’s repeat it for the chowderheads out there. The OCA Holy Synod has NOTHING to do with this. NOTHING. NADA. NICHEVO. It can’t give the Fat One a canonical release until the ROCOR accepts him, and the ROCOR won’t accept him until it gets the green light from the Centre. Canonical releases aren’t “Get out of Jail Free” cards and they aren’t blank cheques. Someone who wishes a release has to have a legit destination, and Fatty doesn’t have such. Furthermore, the intel I received is that the ROCOR won’t accept El Gordo as an active bishop, and that he must leave the District and live in a monastery. Again, get off your high horses. The OCA Holy Synod isn’t responsible this time. The MP is responsible… and the longer that they deliberate, the worse it gets for Fatty.

Here’s what I found out about the Holy Archangels Foundation, it appears to have been connected to Bishop Basil Rodzianko in the past (I wonder who’s using it now, and if the use is appropriate):


Basic info

Name: Holy Archangels Foundation
Address: 3027 FOXHALL RD NW
WASHINGTON, DC 20016-3430
Web site: no data
Type: Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public

Organization activities as reported to IRS

Grants received by this organization

Number of grants: 1
Total amount: $ 10,000
Average grant: $ 10,000
Grantor geography: New York

Grantor (grantor location) – grant amount

 (NEW YORK, New York), 2003 – $ 10,000

Hmm… Rodzianko died fourteen years ago in 1999… and Potapov is part of the Rodzianko clan through marriage. This smells like a First Family scam to me. Don’t send any money or don’t send any letters, especially, not to Yustinian Ovchinnikov in the City, he can’t do a damn thing. In short, this is is bootless Monomuckos asshat bloviating again. The only people who can decide the Paffhausen case are in Moscow… the OCA and the ROCOR have nothing to do with it. What utter bullshit and what utter cretins. Don’t have anything to do with this rubbish or with those purveying it. It’s pig rasslin’…

Just when you think that you’ve seen it all…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Albany NY



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