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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23 January 2013. “Holy Archangels Foundation” on the IRS Shit List… Send NO Money to Them…

01 Wolf In Sheeps Clothing


I got this from one of the Cabinet members, it’s read n’ heed, kids:

Guidestar, the source for information on non-profit organisations, says about “Holy Archangels Foundation”:

Legitimacy Information

  • This organisation is NOT registered with the IRS
  • This organisation is required to file an IRS Form 990-N

The IRS automatically revoked this organisation’s exempt status for failure to file a Form 990, 990-EZ, 990-N, or 990-PF for three consecutive years. Further investigation and due diligence are warranted.

I wonder if the outfit that gave them a 10,000 USD grant (Trust for Mutual Understanding, an 80 million USD enterprise) were aware of their shaky (if not shady) status? This is sleazy beyond words… but it’s the sort of thing that one expects from Potapov and Fatso. Bear in mind, Potapov used the official ROCOR website to attack a fellow member of the Rodzianko clan, and Fathausen would be sweetness n’ light when criticised, but then he bided his time, and sandbagged his interlocutor when he felt that they had their guard down. It’s how he dealt with the OCA Holy Synod… it isn’t surprising that they shitcanned him and gave him his walking papers for such rubbishy behaviour.

This is more of the same ol’, same ol’… it sure doesn’t speak highly of George Michalopoulos and the Monomuckos cretins, does it? I wish that someone would take out the humane killer and end the OCA’s misery. Furthermore, I wish that the Centre would do something about Potapov… he’s getting rather gnarly and arrogant. Stay tuned… no doubt, there’s more where this came from…


This Just In:

Another Cabinet member sent this nugget on:

I’m told that Marilyn Swezey is the goddaughter of Fr Victor Potapov’s Matushka. Also, sources tell me that the address for that foundation is Swezey’s home address in DC.

No doubt there’s more gold in them thar hills. Stay tuned in, and don’t adjust your sets…



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