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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23 January 2013. The “Holy Archangels Foundation” Run by Darlin’ Marilyn Swezey

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


One of the Cabinet sent me this:

I’ve heard that Marilyn Swezey runs the foundation now. She’s in the DC parish, and is one of JP’s “spiritual children”. I also heard that she owns the apartment where Bishop Basil Rodzianko lived, and which she now preserves in his memory. Simeon Kharon was living there with her permission when he attacked his neighbour and was arrested…

Well, well, well… I was wonderin’ when Darlin’ Marilyn would pop up her pointed little head. This is further proof that the Monomuckos/Potapov fundraising effort is nothing but a scam. The OCA Holy Synod (and the ROCOR Synod, too) should investigate this fund to see how much gelt that Darlin’ Marilyn has been fronting Fatty. Potapov’s a well-placed Langley propagandist to the Orthosphere, and he has access to US government slush funds. The same ol’ scurvy crew is pushing forward, isn’t it? These Far Right loonies aren’t representative of Real Orthodox…

In a related vein, Eric Tosi is running about accusing people of feeding me intel. Of course, people are doing so, but Eric’s so dense and clueless that he never gets it right. Remember, he claimed, when Piggy Iggy Burdikoff was accusing of nicking church funds, “The records simply don’t exist”. Also, recall that he tried to stab Lyonyo in the back by supporting Vinnie Peterson for the white hat, and, then, he switched horses and backed Michael Dahulich (again, another backstab attempt at Lyonyo). Tosi’s an incompetent wanker and he’s disloyal, to boot. There’s no need to get hot n’ bothered over him, for he’ll destroy himself due to his chowderheadedness. In his stupidity, he’ll step full-force into a steaming cow pat, and no one will cry over it. All of Hunchak’s horses and all of Johnny Hopko’s men won’t be able to put Eric together again…

Another typical day in the slo-mo death of the OCA… may this agony end soon. Look at the bright side of Church Unity… it’ll mean that worthless jabronies like Tosi and Iggy won’t have a place… now, that’s something to lift a jug over…



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