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Friday, 25 January 2013

25 January 2013. More on the Unfolding Saga in DC… Part One (More Tonight)

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Firstly, I didn’t post yesterday as I was feeling poorly. Like so many others, I have a touch of the flu, but since I lack sick pay (thank you, Slobberin’ Ronnie), I had to go to work half-ill anyway. One of the Cabinet sent me this:

When Bishop Basil Rodzianko was alive, the deed of his apartment/chapel was in the name of Marilyn Swezey’s mother. I assume Marilyn either cajoled her mother into purchasing the unit (a condominium) for Bishop Basil or not charging him rent.  In any case, Bishop Basil lived there rent-free.

That’s to say, Darlin’ Marilyn has been deeply involved in Potapov’s incestuous little cabal for quite some time (Rodzianko died in 1999). Add it up… Potapov has been gathering a claque over the years, he runs a spurious “charity” on the IRS shit list, and, now, he’s trying to get Fatso into the ROCOR as a rootless retired bishop resident in the District. It adds up to a rum go, no matter which way you crunch the numbers. The only reason that Potapov’s pulling this shit is that Hilarion Kapral‘s health is poor (he has beaucoup serious complications from diabetes), making him unable to be completely in control of the situation.

One last thing before I go… today is the so-called “March for Life“… that’s a misnomer if there ever was such. I know many in the so-called “Pro-Life Movement“, and, in the main, they’re dupes, not evil sorts. They’re pleasant enough (invariably, they’re “nice” people), but they can’t see that the pols behind this movement are cynical rightwing bastards who support the gun nutters, perpetual warfare in foreign parts, the “security state”, coddling of the One Percent, and the promiscuous overuse of the death penalty. In short, the Republican Party opposes what the late John Cardinal O’Connor called the “seamless garment” principle, ergo, they’re hypocritical manipulators of the worst sort. The Prolifers are their clueless dupes and fellow-travellers. Anti-abortion is NOT Pro-Life… but don’t argue with such sorts, they won’t listen. They’ve drunk the rightwing Kool-Aid, and that’s that.

See y’all later (got to get to work, kids)…



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