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Monday, 28 January 2013

28 January 2013. Is He or Isn’t He? Is Mollard Going to Reinstate Moriak? Perspirin’ Minds Wanna Know!

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The buzz floating about says that Mollard‘s about to reinstate Moriak in the Midwest. I checked oca.org… of course, there’s nothing there. They updated their piss-poor post on Mollard’s installation… guess what? There were NO EP hierarchs or clergy noted as being present. NONE. That’s important… it confirms that the OCA‘s “autocephaly” is a sham, that it’s really nothing but a appendage of the MP in all but name. To return to Moriak… if he’s reinstated, it’ll shred his cred amongst everybody except the bratty konvertsy. NO ONE wants him back… just as NO ONE wants Maymon as Bishop of Eastern PA (to attempt to foist this konvertsy wannabe on the Valley is insane). Note well that NO images of the dinner were included. Interesting omission that… and what images that were posted were poorly edited and organised. It’s clear that incompetents put it together and didn’t take the proper time to do it right.

Mollard’s committing seppuku on the steps of St Nick’s… to reinstate Moriak is crazy and to try to foist Maymon on the po-nashemu crowd is even loonier. I knew that he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer… just watch, he’ll have Herman, Fatso, and Feodosy at the Memorial Day Pilgrimage serving with him. We’ll all have to see the reaction to that one. The death throes of the OCA are getting rather gruesome and pathetic… who’ll put an end to this charade? It’s neither edifying or uplifting… God do help us all.

By the way, there was NO posting on Mollard’s installation in the Latest News section of patriarchia.ru, nor was there any relevant material in the Latest Publications section (not even anything from the Blunder‘s eunuchs). Interfax had a minor post here… it repeated the highlights of the poor OCA Sunday post. There’s no buzz at the Centre about Mollard or Fatty… they’re inconsequential figures in a minor unimportant outpost of the Orthosphere…

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Monday 28 January 2013

Albany NY


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