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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Wrap-up on the Mollard Affair… Do You See What I See?

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They’ve finally posted snaps of the installation banquet here… with none of them focusing on the crowd. Note the paucity of outside bishops. For Mollard’s installation, only Bishop Nicholas Ozone of Brooklyn (Patriarchate of Antioch… a vicar, not a ruling bishop), Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov (MP), Bishop George Schaefer of Mayfield (ROCOR… a vicar, not a ruling bishop), and Metropolitan Dmitri Shiolashvili of Batum and Lazeti (Georgian Orthodox Church) were present. They represented only three Local Churches… Antioch, Russia, and Georgia. Of these four hierachs from other Local Churches, only two, Bishop Nicholas (Antioch) and Bishop George (ROCOR) are in the banquet images. Archbishop Yustinian (MP) and Metropolitan Dmitri (Georgian Church) aren’t in the pictures… were they at the shindig?

There was no “camera pan” shot of the whole hall with all the guests seated at their respective tables. The Ukies had at least one picture of this sort on their website, but they had at least 400 people in their hall for their banquet. There were also no snaps of US Representative Christopher Smith (R-NJ) at the banquet; there were no photo-ops with Mollard or any other Holy Synod member. In addition, why were no “official” Democrats invited? It gives the impression that the Church approves of the agenda of the Republican Party, which it doesn’t. In any case, Mr Smith is an enemy of the Orthosphere… he supports papist proselytism in the rodina (he’s a fanatical papist). They had the gall to invite such filth to the installation. He supports the enemies of Christ’s Church in the homeland… he should NEVER have been invited. He’s also on the crank Helsinki Commission… who invited this zapadnik POS?

At Fathausen’s installation, there were Bishop Merkury Ivanov of the MP, Bishop Ilia of Philomelion (Church of Albania), and Archbishop Abel Popławski of Lublin and Chełm (Church of Poland). Besides that, Metropolitan Christopher Kovacevich (Serbian Orthodox Church), Archbishop Nicolae Condrea (Romanian Patriarchate), Bishop Thomas Joseph (Antiochian Patriarchate), and Bishop Jerome Shaw (ROCOR) were also present, making for seven outside bishops at the ceremony. In addition, the Russian Ambassador to the USA was at the affair, along with priests representing the GOAA, the Church of Czechia and Slovakia, and the UOC/MP. Thus, eight Local Churches were represented, five more than at Mollard’s fête (but only six sent bishops).

At Herman’s installation, amongst the concelebrating hierarchs were Bishop Savas Zembillas, Chancellor of the GOAA (EP), Bishop Georgios (Patriarchate of Alexandria), Bishop Demetri Khoury of Jableh (Antiochian Patriarchate), Archbishop Damaskinos of Jaffa (Patriarchate of Jerusalem); Metropolitan Filaret Vakhromeyev of Minsk and Slutsk (MP), Bishop Merkury Ivanov (MP), Archbishop Nicolae (Patriarchate of Romania), Metropolitan Sawa Hrycuniak of Warsaw and all Poland, Archbishop Abel Popławski of Lublin and Chełm (Church of Poland), Bishop Semjon Jakovljević (Church of Czechia and Slovakia), Metropolitan Daniel Nushiro (Autonomous Orthodox Church of Japan/MP), Archbishop Avgustin of Lvov and Galicia (UOC/MP). Thus, there were twelve outside bishops representing eight Local Churches. There was a First Hierarch of a Local Church present, along with two First Hierarchs of Autonomous Churches under the MP.

Do you see what I see? Did you notice the downward trend from Herman to Fatso to Mollard? If that doesn’t tell you something, you’re blind. By the way… Hilarion Kapral just visited Mollard in Syosset, accompanied by Seraphim Gan and Yustinian. Gan’s no surprise… he’s Lyonyo’s crosstown pal and crony. Hilarion still looks rocky… but do note that he didn’t show for Mollard’s installation (no doubt, Gan has a glib excuse ready… he’s that slippery sort). Also, note that Michael Dahulich has been named Secretary of the OCA Holy Synod… that’s a move they’ll live to regret. Dahulich is ambitious to a fault, a quasi-papist (got his PhD at a papist school), and he’s probably an EP mole… in short, he’s no one to trust… NEVER ever turn your back on him. He’s the sort that doesn’t look people straight in the eye… a matushka warned me of that, and I’ve sat next to Dahulich and I can testify that it’s true that he “looks past people” and that he’s a cold fish personally.

We’re in for “interesting times”… God do help us…

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Albany NY


30 January 2013. There’ll Always be a Russia… Why We’re Not Giving In to the Zapadniki Any Time Soon (Or, Any Time Later, For That Matter)

00 Russia. vodka. 30.01.13


There are those who want Russians (or Greeks or Romanians or Serbs) to become good little pinheaded Western-style consumers. You can see this in the USA, where, despite all the so-called “evangelical” hoopla, godlessness is most fixed in any human society. Some of it has infected us, too… some are our own people, who want all the trappings of bourgeois “success”… others are converts who’ve never shucked off the mindset of the West. Trust me, a whole new world needs to be born in the soul of a Westerner to become truly Orthodox. It’s not just Russia… it’s the WHOLE Orthosphere that has a different mindset from that of the West. For starters, we don’t worship money and things as much as the zapadniki do. We aren’t as censorious and puritanical (hell, we’re downright earthy and funky, when it comes right down to it). We’re much closer to the “soul” of American blacks or to the holistic synergy of the Native American or to the “rhythm” of the Latino than we are to the tight-arsed prunishness and cold grasping greed of American Anglos. We’re alive… we sin… we forgive… we repent… we fall down. We get up again… without condemning those around us.

We smile… we laugh… perhaps, we have one more drink than we should. However… we don’t live in tomorrow, for God doesn’t give us that. He gives us TODAY… and that’s what we’re to ennoble. It may mean that that we have fewer toys than the zapadniki do… it may mean that our house is a tad shabbier and our car a bit more shopworn… but we live our lives to the fullest… which the Anglos do not do. They’re eaten alive by a notional future that never quite arrives. Can the Anglo become Orthodox? Yes… but only after putting the torch to the Western edifice and letting it burn to the foundations… few can do this in earnest. We’ve all seen those who didn’t, haven’t we? There’s no need to name names… we all know who they are. Come, take my hand… it’s a long road, but it’s a rewarding one…


30 January 2013. Only in Russia! Two Sets of Triplets… Human and Feline… Babies and Kittens… What’s Not to Like?

00 Russia. two sets of triplets. babies and kittens. 31.01.13


Here’s a real heartwarmer. Human triplets and feline triplets… all together. Babies and kittens… ain’t that the way things ‘sposed to be (hey, I heard that snigger from that guy in the corner… I’ll get even with you later, dude)? Don’t ya just want to love the lot of ’em?


Putin Spokesman Peskov Sez Russia’s Internal Affairs No Concern of USA

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The USA has no place in any dialog between Russia’s government and opposition movements opposed to President Putin’s rule, Putin’s spokesman told an American journal. In an interview published on Thursday, Dmitri Peskov told The National Interest, a bi-monthly American foreign policy journal, “The dialogue between the Russian government and the opposition can’t be a subject of the bilateral relationship between Moscow and Washington, and in no way can be an issue of [interstate] discussion”.

Putin frequently accused the USA of being behind the unprecedented protests against his rule that broke out in December 2011, whilst late last year the alleged torture of opposition activist Leonid Razvozzhayev sparked a diplomatic row between the two former Cold War foes. The USA also slammed last year a Moscow court’s decision to jail members of the anti-Putin punk rock group Pussy Riot over a protest in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Washington also expressed concern over the treatment of protest leaders such as Aleksei Navalny and Sergei Udaltsov, both whom are facing long jail terms.

However, Peskov told the journal that Russia wouldn’t take into account American concerns over what The National Interest called “the domestic climate inside Russia”, saying, “Those are our domestic affairs, our domestic politics. We’re a democratic country, sharing the same values with the whole world, but we’re a country that’ll solve all the problems, domestic and the like, without any interference from abroad”. Peskov also praised what he called Russia’s “growing civil society”.

 25 January 2013




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