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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

29 January 2013. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire! Svetlana Vais Surfaces, Lies About Number of Outside Bishops at Mollard’s Shindig

01 liar liar pants on fire


That heavily-made-up doxie Svetlana Vais surfaced again, see this. It was posted on the Orthodox Forum by Nina Dimas, a reliable First Family apparatchik. Firstly, fifteen outside bishops may have been invited to Mollard‘s Dixie Fry, but only six showed up per oca.org. Since Ms Vais declined to identify the nine phantom bishops, one can only assume that they’re figments of her overheated imagination (her cheap rank perfume has more reality than they do). Of course, it was posted on Portal Credo, which has no cred whatsoever (it slobbers all over Uniates and schismatics; it pushes the Langley version of events). To those who may have come in late, Svetlana Vais is NOT an accredited Russian journalist… she’s a pal of Lyonyo’s who attends liturgy at the chapel at the Chancery. Lyonyo uses her to push his POV. In short, it’s absolute and utter bullshit of the lowest sort penned by an absolute and utter phoney.

By the way, there was an article from ITAR-TASS in Russian on Mollard’s installation here, posted on 28 January on the MP/USA website. It’s the source of Ms Vais’ crank “fifteen bishops” assertion. You see, fifteen bishops were present… nine OCA and six outside. She was obviously rushed by Lyonyo… so, she confused the details. That shows agitation on Lyonyo’s part, which means that he’s desperately trying to spin this event. That means that it’s a failure.

The Mollard installation finally made it to the Latest News on patriarchia.ru here. Of course, it came from the Blunder‘s greasy eunuchs in Bolshaya Ordynka, not from the main Patriarchal News Service, which means that it’s unreliable to the bone. There was nothing in the Latest Publications section on the installation, which means that the gramota handed to Mollard at the installation wasn’t considered newsworthy. Also note that the DECR blurb on Latest News was a day late, indicating a VERY low priority item. Obviously, it’s due to the cool Russian-American relations, as the Centre knows that Lyonyo and Jillions aren’t their friends (neither were Fatty or Dickie Wood, by the way). Don’t forget… Yustinian is in the USA because he fucked up in the St Matrona Society tits-up in Moldova… he’s a expert on Romania, for god’s sake.

Same ol’ same ol’ from Lyonyo and Co… that’s good news, kids. It means that he’s grasping at straws. However, as Mollard’s a smiling nudnik, Lyonyo’s got at least two years to bury all the bodies in Syosset… and, trust me, he’ll do that.



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