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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

30 January 2013. There’ll Always be a Russia… Why We’re Not Giving In to the Zapadniki Any Time Soon (Or, Any Time Later, For That Matter)

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There are those who want Russians (or Greeks or Romanians or Serbs) to become good little pinheaded Western-style consumers. You can see this in the USA, where, despite all the so-called “evangelical” hoopla, godlessness is most fixed in any human society. Some of it has infected us, too… some are our own people, who want all the trappings of bourgeois “success”… others are converts who’ve never shucked off the mindset of the West. Trust me, a whole new world needs to be born in the soul of a Westerner to become truly Orthodox. It’s not just Russia… it’s the WHOLE Orthosphere that has a different mindset from that of the West. For starters, we don’t worship money and things as much as the zapadniki do. We aren’t as censorious and puritanical (hell, we’re downright earthy and funky, when it comes right down to it). We’re much closer to the “soul” of American blacks or to the holistic synergy of the Native American or to the “rhythm” of the Latino than we are to the tight-arsed prunishness and cold grasping greed of American Anglos. We’re alive… we sin… we forgive… we repent… we fall down. We get up again… without condemning those around us.

We smile… we laugh… perhaps, we have one more drink than we should. However… we don’t live in tomorrow, for God doesn’t give us that. He gives us TODAY… and that’s what we’re to ennoble. It may mean that that we have fewer toys than the zapadniki do… it may mean that our house is a tad shabbier and our car a bit more shopworn… but we live our lives to the fullest… which the Anglos do not do. They’re eaten alive by a notional future that never quite arrives. Can the Anglo become Orthodox? Yes… but only after putting the torch to the Western edifice and letting it burn to the foundations… few can do this in earnest. We’ve all seen those who didn’t, haven’t we? There’s no need to name names… we all know who they are. Come, take my hand… it’s a long road, but it’s a rewarding one…


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